Hewlett Packard Enterprise Retiree Contact Information

Last updated: December 2015 Click on the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Contact Information pdf to find contact information for various retiree benefit programs and services. They include Hewlett Packard Enterprise resources and benefits vendors. You can also access many Hewlett Packard Enterprise benefit vendors through MyHPEBenefits your destination for personalized benefits information.

Address changes

It’s important that you keep your benefit providers informed if your address changes. Otherwise, benefits may be delayed or lost under certain programs. A change of address may also affect the availability of certain medical plans. Address changes reported on Your Benefits Resources™ website or to the HPE Benefits Center, as described in HPE Contact Information pdf, will be reflected on your medical, dental, vision, and HPE Retirement Medical Savings Account (RMSA) program(s).For other benefits, report address changes to the benefits vendor for the program(s) in which you participate. You may need to update your address with more than one vendor.

Contact USA HR Support for Retirees

Submit HR questions or service requests, such as change of address and employment verification at this site.

Please note: It is your responsibility to notify any other benefits vendors of your new address, such as the HPE Benefits Center, the HPE Retirement Services Center, stock administrators, long term care, and other insurance providers. See HPE Contact information.pdf for details.