Why choose Emerging HR Leaders Program?

The Emerging HR Leaders Program (previously known as the HR Management Associate Program) grows the next generation of world-class HR leaders at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Whether it be a full-time or internship position, our HR organization is committed to finding the best talent in the world, and creating a positive, open, and diverse work environment.

In the Program, your development and growth is a high priority and will be continuously fostered through a two-year rotational on-the-job training experience covering every aspect of the 70/20/10 learning model – experiential learning, relationship building, and formal training.

This is a high potential rotational program that provides you with a unique opportunity to drive challenging and compelling HR initiatives for the company. Working with internal and external HR thought leaders, participants use innovative approaches and tools to directly affect our business results.

History and current strategy

Since the origination of the program in 2007, we’ve been dedicated to providing our HR organization with well-trained talent, ready and eager to take on leadership roles. We have provided experiences across 17 countries globally and have had more than 150 individuals graduate from the Program.

Each year we continue to review the quality and structure of our program, putting more rigor into rotations and enhancing the overall development experience of our emerging HR leaders.

We are committed to catering the program experience to each individual and align our pipeline needs to leadership positions in HR hub locations. In addition to selecting rotations that are targeted to each participant’s career interests and development needs, we put rigor into the rotation selection process by ensuring scope, goals, and learning objectives are solidified prior to each rotation.

The program’s development experience includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • 360 and leadership potential assessments
  • access to a dedicated external executive coach
  • robust mentoring program
  • regular, open discussion meetings with Business and HR executives
  • book club where participants share ideas, perspectives and knowledge in a safe environment

We are excited about the program enhancements we have made and will continue to make to further accelerate the development and career progression for all program participants.

Program design and experiences

Main Elements of program

  • 24-month tailored program
  • Rotations across multiple areas of the HR Organization
  • Rotations assigned by area of needed development and/or business need
  • Competitive compensation packages


What Makes Us Different

  • Dedicated program management
  • Work environment that allows for a wide range of assignments
  • International rotation provided based on strong performance and business needs

Structured and individualized development

  • Each Program participant is assigned a senior HR leader mentor
  • Emerging HR Leaders-exclusive learning curriculum
  • Broad and diverse assessment and development tools
  • Access to an external executive coach for personalized leadership and relationship development


Global engagement

  • Interaction with local country HR teams and business leaders; exposure to applied HR in Europe, Asia Pacific, and Americas
  • Participation in global projects and programs, that provide participants opportunities to grow and develop cultural awareness
  • Opportunity to collaborate with global peers; access to collective mind power of bright, motivated, cross-regional teams

Participant’s profile – what we are looking for? 

Ideal Candidate Profile


  • Drive to contribute and make an impact
  • Proven leadership, influencing, and interpersonal skills
  • Strong project management abilities
  • Champion and leader of diversity
  • Strong business acumen and critical analytical thinking skills
  • Ability to act as a change leader, partnering with business leaders to achieve organizational strategies and objectives
  • Self-starter with ability to manage work in multiple areas
  • Effective collaborator in a team environment
  • Prior HR experience

Internship Opportunities

  • Internships last between 10 and 12 weeks depending on your availability as well as business need
  • Internship projects are designed to help you take on work that matters, build your network, and get a sense of what it is like to work at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Main objective of the internship program is to make sure you and Hewlett Packard Enterprise are a good match and, if so, prepare you for a full-time position within the company after graduation

Meet some of our Alums and current Program participants


“It felt like a risk joining HPE through the Program, but it is probably the best professional decision I ever made. I was challenged from the very beginning, but always felt supported both by managers and senior executives, and by an amazing cohort going through the same experience I was. I had rotations that matched my interest, complimented by special projects that allowed me to work with different people and interesting challenges.

After the program, I had the amazing opportunity to manage the HR MAP program (the former name of the Emerging HR Leaders Program). First in the US, and then globally. Seeing the program from these two different points of view gave me an even greater appreciation of the experience I had. As I compare my experience to my classmates, I know of no other program that provides as good a combination of meaty, developmental work, and the opportunity to progress my career.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision, and am excited to see that tradition continue at HPE through the Emerging Leaders program.”

Clark Jessop


“HPE’s Emerging (HR) Leaders Program provides you the framework to succeed, but it is up to you to optimize the experience to achieve your professional goals. I’ve had six roles in my five and a half year career at HPE, these include my three rotations in HR Global Operations, Talent Enablement, and Total Rewards. I’ve lived and worked in four different countries, adapted to new cultures, various business climates, and unpredictable economic environments.

I’d advise a new participant to take advantage of the support system the Program provides to extend your network and enhance your HR and business knowledge. Without both, I would not have secured my post-program roles or my current role as a program manager in HR Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, and Outsourcing. If you can successfully navigate through the Emerging (HR) Leaders Program you will solidify HR’s seat at the table and earn the confidence of the business, and you’d have something of real value to add when you sit down.”

Cristina Valencia


“My participation in HPE’s Emerging (HR) Leaders Program really did jumpstart my career at HPE. More than anything it provided me a broad network and a sense of how HR works here. After rotations in workforce planning, HR business partner and talent management, I ultimately decided to take a post-program role in corporate talent management.

That decision has since provided me a variety of experiences including helping with HP’s separation into two companies and managing worldwide programs like career development and talent management. HPE offers an atmosphere where you can follow your passion and be rewarded for being proactive—two things I tell anyone considering working here.”

Rob Carter


“For me, the Emerging HR Leaders Program was the perfect next step in a career transitioning from educational and behavioral consulting into business.

Through the program, I have been able to radically accelerate my career and my development, learning more about HR as a function and HPE as a company in two years than I thought I would learn in ten.

I’ve had the opportunity to support one of ES’ most strategically important businesses as a business partner, to serve as the program manager for the HR workstream during the historic HP Separation, and to lead a massive transformation effort in EMEA that will help us accelerate critical changes within our businesses to enhance our competitiveness in the market. For me, the best parts of the experience have been the ease of developing exceptional networks of both colleagues and executives, while gaining opportunities for involvement in high impact projects simply by putting your hand up. That supportive culture is one of the things that makes HPE a great place to work, and the Emerging Leaders Program a perfect place to start.”

Ryan Gutterson


“Rotations with HRBP, HRGO and COE Total Rewards helped me build broad network and obtain a sense of how HR works both internally and externally. Supporting company’s separation into two is rewarding experience too. There are many opportunities for program participants to connect, learn and grow. Friendships built with program participants around the world are lifelong assets. Participation in HPE’s Emerging (HR) Leaders Program accelerated my learning and development as an HR professional.”

Xin Wang