Living Progress: Active Verification for Environmental Compliance

Active Verification

Suppliers are accountable for shipping materials, components, parts and products to Hewlett Packard Enterprise that comply with the HPE General Specification for the Environment (GSE) as specified in our contracts, hardware drawings, and specifications. Hewlett Packard Enterprise relies on "Active Verification" to ensure that our materials restrictions are reflected in our products. The process to ensure product environmental compliance must be built into the design and manufacturing process, and testing alone does not ensure compliance. Suppliers and their sub-suppliers must ensure that noncompliant material does not enter the manufacturing process and that compliant processes are used. HPE's implementation of this philosophy is illustrated below.

HPE's active verification process is based on our risk analysis of restricted substances entering the supply chain and includes technical documentation outlined in the European Union’s EN 50581:2012 standard. The four key areas are described below:

  1. Supplier’s compliance declaration and HPE tracking. Hewlett Packard Enterprise communicates material restriction requirements to suppliers via the GSE. Suppliers provide a declaration that parts or products shipped to Hewlett Packard Enterprise are compliant. Hewlett Packard Enterprise tracks and documents supplier compliance information, including where materials are used in Hewlett Packard Enterprise products.

  2. Supplier’s materials compliance management process. Hewlett Packard Enterprise sets minimum requirements via our Supplier Safe and Legal Standard 014-2, to be integrated in supplier’s management system process for ensuring product environmental materials restriction compliance.

  3. Supplier data validation. Supplier performs testing in accordance to the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Active Verification Materials Testing Specification based on our risk analysis of parts and substances.

  4. Additional Hewlett Packard Enterprise analytical testing and documentation checking.When a new product is introduced Hewlett Packard Enterprise validates compliance based on our analysis of the supplier, parts and substances. In addition, at least annually Hewlett Packard Enterprise validates compliance based on our risk analysis.

The HPE Active Verification Materials Testing Specification and the HPE Supplier Requirements for Safe and Legal Products Standard are available to Hewlett Packard Enterprise suppliers on the password-protected HPE Supplier Portal. Log in, or register for access, and look under the Supplier Handbook Restricted Access.