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The Jornada 820 was the first product that HP introduced in the Jornada line.

Jornada 820 Palmtop PC, 1998

In 1998 HP introduced the Jornada line of products with the 820 Palmtop PC. The 820 ran Microsoft Windows CE, Handheld PC Professional Edition, and had 10 hours of battery life. It offered the comfort of a notebook with its wide screen, touch-typeable keyboard and touch pad, but had the convenience and portability of a palmtop.

The Jornada 820 provided automatic synchronization of PIM (personal information manager) data with the user's PC. It came with communications capabilities, including the ability to send and receive faxes, a voice-recorder feature with e-mail capabilities for sending multimedia messages, dial-up e-mail and graphical web browsing. It also incorporated a voice-recorder decoding system designed by HP.