EHS manages environmental, health, and safety risks, in support of our people and operations. We provide services and solutions that help Hewlett Packard Enterprise identify and reduce environmental, health, and safety risks and comply with legal obligations.

Legal compliance


We stay up to date with changes in relevant legislations and meet legal requirements wherever we operate. We investigate any allegation of non-compliance with the law to determine the root causes and implement corrective action to prevent recurrence.


EHS Management System and Global Standards


We use EHS Management System and Global Standards to structure our approach to EHS priorities, meet HPE and external requirements, control risk, and improve performance. The EHS MS requires sites to monitor performance, conduct audits and management reviews, and to implement corrective actions.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise ISO 14001: 2015 

HPE Bogota Colombia 14001 and 18001 Certificates

Hewlett Packard Enterprise ISO45001: 2018




Audits and regulatory compliance evaluations are conducted by internal qualified professionals and local staffs. Third-party audits are conducted by our ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 registrars. We analyze for nonconformance, take corrective action, and establish measures to reduce future nonconformance.

Employee awareness and training


Employee EHS awareness and training is provided in local languages as part of employee orientation and are regularly refreshed through an online EHS Policies and Standards training module, employee websites, and EHS communications. Employees also receive health and safety training specific to their job.

Emergency preparedness and crisis management


Emergency preparedness and crisis management programs exist for chemical releases, evacuations, fires, natural disasters, security threats, and other emergencies. Response teams and employees are trained on emergency response procedures and regularly participate in evacuation and other drills.

Injury and illness prevention


HPE requires that every work-related injury and illness be reported, investigated, and tracked to identify trends and target our injury prevention activities. Reporting work-related injuries and correcting the workplace hazards that caused them is a legal requirement in many countries where HPE operates. Learn more in our Living Progress Report.

Environmental performance


Environmental performance for HPE operations is included in the Living Progress programs, data, and global objectives. Our primary focus is on reducing carbon emissions through use of renewable energy and minimizing landfill through reuse and recycling programs.



Our partners are required to meet our supplier SER requirements and comply with our global supply chain standards to minimize environmental impact from the materials through the end of life recycling and take back programs.

Learn more about our Supply Chain Responsibility Program.

Learn more about Living Progress

Regulatory and Eco Declarations                                                                                           Product Return and Recycling

Market Access and Eco Labels                                                                                               Policies and Standards