Eco solutions

Hewlett Packard Enterprise produces low-carbon solutions and energy-efficient products, using safer materials and greener packaging to lower our customers’ environmental footprints. Our design leadership and technical innovations in reducing the environmental impact of technology have been widely recognized.

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HPE Moonshot

HPE Moonshot is designed to shape the future of extreme low-energy server technology.

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HPE Apollo 8000 System

The HPE Apollo 8000 System, a liquid-cooled supercomputer, can help organizations eliminate up to 3,800 tons of carbon dioxide waste from data centers per year.

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HPE Big Data Services

HPE Big Data Services help reshape IT infrastructure, encompass strategy, design, implementation, protection, and compliance.

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HPE Data Center Facilities Consulting

HPE Data Center Facilities Consulting (DCF) helps businesses transform the computing performance and improve the energy efficiency of their data centers.