HPE Earth Insights

Using our big data solutions to protect threatened species.

HPE Earth Insights is a unique early warning system for threatened species using the power of big data solutions, in collaboration with the non-profit Conservation International (CI).

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  • Tropical forest loss is jeopardizing biodiversity and the health of vital ecosystems that we depend on for environmental services and human health.
  • Conservation scientists collect data to track the health of the world’s most at-risk species and ecosystems.
  • Data accuracy and the speed of analysis is a challenge. Historically, scientists have had to travel to remote regions to collect data and study species in person.


Use the power of big data solutions to collect data and deliver insights about biodiversity loss in our tropical forests, enabling better decision making to protect people, species, habitats, and economies.


  • HPE Earth Insights uses our hardware and software to store and analyze environmental data on the biodiversity of these regions.
  • HPE Earth Insights uses big data to provide scientists an early warning system for threatened species, generating information and near-real time analytics that enable powerful analysis about species trends and tropical forest health.


Faster data insights enable better decision making for the 1.6 billion people who rely on tropical forests for their livelihoods and protection of our planet’s vital life-support systems, where 40% of the Earth’s oxygen is generated.

HPE Earth Insights uses our technology to process massive amounts of complex data and deliver near real-time analytics. This is the same big data technology companies and organizations anywhere can use to gain critical insights to fuel their business growth.

HPE Earth Insights’ first-of-its-kind early warning system for conservation efforts empowers proactive response to environmental threats as they emerge.