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HPE believes it’s time to deliver conscious digital transformation for all publicly funded organisations, irrespective of digital maturity, legacy debt or available skills.

Leverage proven experience and solutions

Digital technology has not only changed the way we live and work, but heightened our expectations against a backlash of funding and resource pressures, maintaining and improving public services is becoming increasingly challenging.

We work with our customers to develop unique technology eco-systems, connecting infrastructure and complex applications from across national government departments to local public service organisations, so that you can slash the time it takes to turn ideas into better outcomes for citizens.

UK Government’s agreement with HPE is designed to accelerate the adoption of sustainable IT

  • Crown Commercial Services (CCS) customers can benefit from HPE’s environmental and sustainability services, including a sustainability assessment that will help them create a sustainability strategy.
  • The new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) adds key systems like composable, software-defined infrastructure for hybrid cloud environments, high performance compute for AI applications and highly resilient storage solutions for mission-critical applications.

HPE value-add services for the UK Public Sector

There are three exclusive offers available to Public Sector organisations via the HPE and Crown Commercial Service Memorandum of Understanding.

Customer Asset Program

This service details all physical assets on your network and includes all brands and technologies. This provides you with accurate asset management and the ability to verify your own asset report, identify vulnerabilities from aged technology or unsupported hardware, right size enterprise agreements and identify items for circular economy processing.

Cloud Physics Assessment

This provides a detailed report of the VMware virtual environment in your network. It provides instant, data driven insights leading to right sizing infrastructure to optimise workloads across clouds and maximise ROI and reduce costs.

Sustainability Assessment

To help organisation’s with their strategy for sustainable IT, HPE are offering 100 free sustainability assessments to UK Public Sector Customers through delivery of a half day environmental discovery workshop which is run by HPE Advisory and Professional Services. The assessment provides an analysis of energy efficiency, providing guidance on IT transformation considerations, data centre optimisation, as well as engineering and transformation project services to drive sustainability.

"CCS has renewed and extended our relationship with HPE through this updated Memorandum of Understanding which will help our customers accelerate their IT modernisation, achieve sustainability and utilise systems that harness the power of data to improve services for citizens. This MoU extends to cover all areas of HPE's portfolio including new key areas such as HPE's pay-as-you go GreenLake platform - making it easier for all public sector bodies, no matter how big or small, to get value for money."

Philip Orumwense
CBE, Commercial Director and Chief Technology Procurement Officer at Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

Social value programs

HPE is deeply committed to creating a more sustainable and socially inclusive United Kingdom. We deliver social value programs in alignment with the UK Social Value Act and will continue to understand the priorities of the communities we work in, aligning where HPE can provide the greatest contribution.

HPE products are listed on the following CCS frameworks and catalogues

Public sector solutions to simplify, streamline and strengthen your technology

We help you deliver more efficient and effective services for today, whilst future proofing for tomorrow.

Harness the power of hybrid cloud

Easily build, deploy and manage all your clouds, whether private, public or on-premises.

Harness data into actionable insight

Turn data it into actionable insight so you can focus your finite resources where they’ll have greatest impact on the citizens you serve.

Advancing society at the edge

Harness real-time data to enhance experience, improve safety and deliver more efficient services.

HPE Financial Services

Never pay for more than you need with our as-a-service consumption models and unlock value from your old IT stock with our Circular Economy.

Accelerate your digital transformation

Design digital transformation programmes that are fine tuned to your unique challenges.

Original documentary series

House of Data

Investigating the challenges the public sector faces in its complicated relationship with data. Watch our series, House of Data, in collaboration with Dark Matter.

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We explore the challenges associated with public cloud and aim to dispel the myth that public cloud-only is a desirable path, fit for purpose in this original documentary series.

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