House of Data - an original documentary series

Episode 1

Exploring the value of data & the importance of citizen trust.

Episode 2

Challenges posed by data hoarding, regulation, and interoperability.

Episode 3

Looking to the future - AI, supercomputing and data strategy.

Consciously Hybrid

In 2013, the UK Government introduced the Cloud-First Policy. A mandate that advised public cloud should primarily be considered and implemented by all public sector organisations.

Yet a decade on, 70% of organisations’ infrastructure and 73% of data remains on premises. Why? We explore the challenges associated with public cloud and aim to dispel the myth that public cloud-only is a desirable path, fit for purpose.

Watch Consciously Hybrid - an original documentary series

Consciously Hybrid conversations

NHS and Local Government

Experts from the NHS and local government share their thoughts on driving digital change and their hybrid cloud journey.

Department for Work and Pensions

Hear how by developing a hybrid strategy, DWP Digital are enabling teams to innovate, transform and ultimately keep critical essential services running for the welfare of UK citizens.

Police Digital Services

Wayne Parks, former Chief Digital Officer at PDS explores the policing hybrid cloud journey.

Southwark Council

As we continue our conversation on cloud adoption across the UK public sector, Dionne Lowndes discusses her experience of cloud in local government and the challenges of legacy technology and thinking.

Sedbergh School

Matt McVoy, Head of IT & Digital Strategy at Sedbergh School, explores the need for a flexible, on-demand, cost-conscious and scalable IT and digital strategy in the education sector.

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The cloud paradigm changes how computing services are consumed. This impacts people, policy, processes, operating models and procurement. Explore how to align on-premises operating models with cloud principles.

UK Government's agreement with HPE is designed to accelerate the adoption of sustainable IT

Crown Commercial Services (CCS) customers can benefit from HPE's environmental and sustainability services, including a sustainability assessment that will help them create a sustainability strategy.

Is a lack of data strategy holding the public sector back?

There are a multitude of reasons that perpetuate the data challenge. That's why we embarked on a journey to investigate the public sector's complicated relationship with data.

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