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The Rise of Agile Development

It seems that agile project management is everywhere nowadays - but do you know where it all started? Here, we chronicle the rise of Agile; from its inception in the 80's, to what we've come to know as the most flexible and innovative approach seen today.


13 tips for leading digital transformation

Championing digital transformation, particularly in the public sector, is hard. It takes risk, commitment and the right leadership to see it through. Discover Dan Searle's top 13 tips for successfully leading the digital revolution.


Digital government: at the heart of a perfect storm

We live in turbulent times. The role of government has changed and power is increasingly being devolved to local governments. Today citizens expect their needs to drive public sector services.

Protect what matters

How to run really big Agile projects well: lessons from industry and government

The waterfall approach to project management isn’t good enough. Modern projects call for modern processes and that means Agile. But how do you scale Agile up for mission-critical, large-scope projects? HPE knows how.


How to do human-centred design (and why it matters)

Getting human-centred design right is critical for government. We look at the some of the key principles of human-centred design – principles that we're building into our Agile software development practices through initiatives like the Hot House approach.

HPE delivers visionary digital transformation

The Careers & Enterprise Company: Inspiring young people about the world of work

Mary Tyler, Director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, recently completed a 15-month secondment at the Department for Education as part of the Civil Service exchange programme.