Do you want to improve your performance and bandwidth without increasing your hardware complexity?

The HPE Synergy 6810C 25/50Gb Ethernet Adapter provides more than two times the bandwidth compared to 10/20Gb adapters. Therefore, it simplifies hardware implementation by reducing the number of adapters, associated switches and compute modules required to achieve higher bandwidth.

The networking acceleration on this adapter alleviates the CPU utilization, increases the number of virtual machines (VMs) placed on each server, and improves the cloud scale efficiency. Pairing with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Synergy high-density 50G Ethernet switching solution, this adapter provides high throughput and low latency to implement intelligent and flexible networks.


Provide High Performance and Low Latency

The HPE Synergy 6810C 25/50Gb Ethernet Adapter delivers single root I/O virtualization (SR-IOV) with the ability to run a large number of virtual machines (VMs) per server, which reduces the need for hardware and the resultant costs of space and power required by hardware devices.

Reduces CPU Utilization and helps improve host VM density and server efficiency using remote direct memory access (RDMA) offload with support for IWARP, RoCE and RoCEv2 protocols for Live Migration, Microsoft SMB Direct environments.

Improves small packet performance with Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) for Telco, e-commerce and high performance computing (HPC).

Speed up Network-intensive Applications

The HPE Synergy 6810C 25/50Gb Ethernet Adapter lessens the total cost of ownership (TCO) and capital expense (Capex) by providing 25/50Gb connectivity compared to 10/20Gb connectivity.

Offloads packet processing to reduce CPU utilization and lower power with Tunnel Offloads (VXLAN and NVGRE).