Complete Storage Solution

Are you facing unprecedented data growth, pressure to transform IT into an economic engine, and demands for actionable intelligence? Do you have tools that can provide real-time predictive, advanced, and operational analytics not available in legacy SAN platforms?

The HPE Complete Brocade AMP provides advanced storage telemetry, including storage device I/O performance, latency, and other SCSI metrics, across the network. Leveraging
Brocade Fabric Vision technology, this platform ensures non-stop operations, identifies potential points of congestion, and maximizes end-to-end application performance. It not only provides end-to-end visibility that was not available previously, but it also improves the ROI for storage infrastructures by providing in-depth, fabric-wide metric

Brocade AMP is available as part of HPE Complete program, for more information see the QuickSpecs.


Unmatched Monitoring

The HPE Complete Brocade AMP Solution delivers application-level performance
monitoring with zero downtime.

SCSI command behavior and response time monitoring of any device without
impacting distance or link integrity, unlike physical taps that cause light degradation.

Normal device behavior learning by measuring time to first response, exchange completion time, read/write IOPS, and pending or outstanding I/Os to ensure predictable performance and flag unusual behavior or potential problems.

The ability to discover and deploy monitoring automatically to tens of thousands of initiator/target and initiator/target/LUN pairs in a fabric.

Advanced Troubleshooting

The HPE Complete Brocade AMP Solution provides customizable reports to correlate
metrics and events and summarize trends for behavior analysis.

On-demand, non-disruptive diagnostics of server, storage, and fabric devices to
help quickly pinpoint problems.

Integrated device-level and fabric behavior metrics to provide visibility into the entire environment and simplify.

Granular threshold settings and automated alerts of unusual device behavior to enable early problem detection.

Increased Return on Investment

The HPE Complete Brocade AMP Solution provides flexibility and scalability, from a few application flows to tens of thousands of flows.

Reduces the time to deploy advanced monitoring and analytics from days or
weeks to minutes.

Automates monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting tasks to save administrators critical time.

Scales out analytics for large environments without additional OpEx to maximize ROI.

Integrates with existing Brocade Network Advisor, Fabric Vision technology, and Brocade Fabric OS, CLI tools to reduce the learning curve and save OpEx.