Storage Device Management Software

As businesses strive to improve operational efficiency, consolidation of servers and storage becomes an attractive option. HPE XP Disk/Cache Partition Software enables storage administrators in large consolidated storage environments to host multiple diverse user groups on one XP Disk Array while maintaining appropriate isolation between applications. XP Disk/Cache Partition enables you to divide your XP Disk Array into multiple, independent partitions, with each partition having its own host ports, disk parity groups and cache. Applications that would normally compete for resources can share a single disk array without impacting each other. Departments can share a single XP disk array confident that administrators cannot affect portions of the disk array that belong to someone else.

XP Disk/Cache Partition Software allows companies to consolidate a variety of online storage needs onto one central XP disk array.

What's new

  • HPE XP Disk/Cache Partition is bundled in with HPE XP Array Manager for the HPE XP24000 and XP20000 Disk Arrays.


Create partitions that are independently configured and managed. This partitioning model provides increased security for user data and HPE XP Disk Array resources, and limits the scope of administrator errors to a single partition.

Divide your HPE XP Disk Array into multiple sub-arrays, or partitions, with each partition having its own host ports, disk array groups and cache. Assign partitions to critical applications and size them to maintain required performance.

Prevent applications from affecting each other by assigning them to different partitions. Applications in one partition cannot affect the resources available to applications in other partitions.

Reassign resources from one partition to another while the HPE XP Disk Array is operating.