Storage Device Management Software

Are your storage requirements and demands constantly moving? Can’t keep up with the ups and downs of allocation, capacity and performance across your network? You need storage that can handle anything you throw at it and you need the storage to keep running while you make these continual changes. HPE 3PAR Data Optimization Software Suite lets you react quickly and effectively to changing application and infrastructure needs while your users remain online and productive.

With the Data Optimization Software Suite for HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage you have the freedom to configure, optimize, reconfigure for improved control, efficiency and effectiveness all without disturbing your users or applications. This suite rebalances, redistributes and refreshes storage non-disruptively with features that provide autonomic storage tiering, dynamic data mobility, assured performance for your most mission critical applications, reducing cost and increasing agility in multi-tenant environments.

What's new

  • QoS enhancements ensure sub-millisecond goal as low as 0.50ms and enables priority based throttling with HPE 3PAR Priority Optimization Software
  • Bi-directional data migration with 4*4 non-disruptive movement between HPE 3PAR StoreServ systems available with HPE 3PAR Peer Motion
  • Run workloads at the right cost and SLA's via HPE 3PAR Peer Motion


React Quickly to Your Changing Applications and Infrastructure with Dynamic Optimization Features

HPE 3PAR Data Optimization Software Suite non-disruptively adjusts volume service levels with a single click. No scheduling, planning needed, and zero impact to application performance. Each storage volume resides on a single tier, but shifts between tiers throughout its lifecycle.

The 3PAR Data Optimization Software Suite seamlessly tunes the RAID level, subsystem failure protection level, drive type, stripe width, or radial placement of volumes to achieve optimized data QoS levels on your HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage.

The 3PAR Data Optimization Software Suite accommodates usage spikes and moves data without over provisioning to reduce your storage costs.

Balance Cost and Performance to Meet Service Level Needs and Increase Business Agility

The 3PAR Data Optimization Software Suite pairs data at the sub-volume level to the most cost-efficient storage tier capable of delivering the needed service level. Migrate data to less expensive storage tiers without manual intervention.

The 3PAR Data Optimization Software Suite allows data movement to be scheduled and resource usage limits and tier definitions to vary by application with a flexible implementation.

Meet service level targets for less, by applying the fine grain data movement engine to independent regions of a storage volume.

Move Data Online, Non-disruptively, and On-demand with HPE 3PAR Peer Motion Software

Load balance data between systems at will. Provides online, non-disruptive, on-demand, bidirectional data mobility between HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage systems. Self-throttled data movement regulates data migration speed to preserve application performance.

Perform technology refresh effortlessly. Non-disruptively migrates data between HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage and from HPE EVA Storage to HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage while the application remains online.

Removes allocated, but unused storage capacity so the purchased capacity on the destination HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage system can be right-sized for written data.

Simple, scriptable CLI interface helps orchestrate data migration.

Assure Application Service Levels as Business Needs Dictate with HPE 3PAR Priority Optimization

Protects mission critical applications in the enterprise, enabling certainty and predictability for each application and tenant.

Sets minimum performance goals and threshold limits including I/O per second, bandwidth, and latency to meet business needs. Configure quality of service with mission critical apps as "high" and others as "medium" or "low" priority.

Assigns performance caps on workloads with lower service level requirements, ensuring high priority applications can get all the resources they need to meet service levels.

Enables certainty and predictability for all applications and tenants by monitoring and measuring service level objectives.