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Storage Media

HPE storage media combines innovative design and manufacture with extreme reliability testing to ensure you can always restore your data.

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Storage Media

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Tape Technology

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    • Recording technology
      LTO-1 Ultrium, LTO-2 Ultrium, LTO-3 Ultrium, LTO-4 Ultrium, LTO-5 Ultrium, LTO-6 Ultrium, LTO-7 Ultrium, LTO-8 Ultrium
    • Capacity
      30 TB Compressed 2.5:1 Maximum, depending on model
    • Capacity
      3TB Without compression Without compression Without compression Depending on the drive and disk cartridge type
    • Transfer rate
      100 MB/sec, sustained transfer rate (native)
    • Form factor
      2.5 inch
    • Recording technology
      LTO-6 Ultrium, LTO-7 Ultrium, LTO-8 Ultrium Type M LTO-7 Initialised, LTO-8 Ultrium, TS 1150 JD, TS 1160 JE.
    • Capacity
      Up to 30 TB, depending on model for LTO. Up to 60 TB compressed for TS 1160.