Are you looking for a 10Gb Ethernet adapter with configurable flexibility to prepare for the new hybrid server infrastructure?

The HPE FlexFabric 20Gb 2-port 630FLB Adapter for HPE ProLiant Gen8 Blades servers gives you twice the bandwidth of 10 Gb adapters for virtualized and converged data centers. This new FlexibleLOM Adapter improves Ethernet, FCoE and iSCSI speed increasing workload performance and scalability. Each FlexFabric 20Gb adapter replaces a 10Gb NIC and 8Gb FC HBA simplifying I/O hardware by 50%2 and reducing costs by 60%.3
If you are looking for a 10GbE Adapter, the FlexFabric 630FLB offers everything you need plus the advanced features included in the FlexFabric series to simplifying your network and storage topology.


20Gb bandwidth improves performance and accelerates virtualized workloads.

2X bandwidth improvement to remove server I/O bottlenecks.

One 20Gb adapter provides 35%1 CPU improvement over two 10Gb adapters.

Flex-20/FlexFabric technology allows you to dynamically fine tune up to four partitioned connections to meet different application needs.

Flex-20/FlexFabric technology simplifies I/O hardware and reduces costs.

Consolidate server I/O connections reducing NIC/HBA adapters, cabling and switch port requirements.

Each adapter eliminates server I/O hardware by 50%2 and reduces costs by 60%.3

Reduce up to 95%4 of the hardware needed to connect servers to the network, when used with the HPE Virtual Connect FlexFabric 20/40 F8 Module.

Centralized Life-cycle management streamlines operations.

Provision multiple adapters in seconds using Virtual Connect profiles.

Manage updates from centralized Virtual Connect Manager or Virtual Connect Enterprise Manger.

Orchestrate reliable adapter firmware updates on multiple blade servers with HPE Smart Update Manager (SUM).

  • 1.
    Per Demartek/Qlogic testing conducted in April 2014
  • 2.
    HPE Internal analysis, one converged FlexFabric adapter reduces the need for a separate Ethernet adapter and HBA Fibre Channel adapter, or two adapters vs one.
  • 3.
    HPE Internal analysis, based on ILP pricing, comparing the cost of one FlexFabric adapter vs the cost of separate Ethernet adapter, separate Fibre Channel HBA adapter and required transceivers.
  • 4.
    A traditional server blade configuration would typically require a dual-port LOM, an extra quad-port NIC mezzanine, and a dual-port HBA along with switch modules (6 Ethernet and 2 Fibre Channel). The total traditional configuration components come up to 40 vs. the VC FlexFabric module solution. The VC FlexFabric solution requires only embedded dual-port FlexFabric adapters on servers (no mezzanine cards) and two VC FlexFabric modules. This simple calculation will help you understand it better, (40-2)/40=95 percent.
  • *
    Price may vary based on local reseller.