The Aruba Meridian App Platform is a mobile-app software platform from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, that allows public-facing enterprise venues – retailers, hotels, airports, hospitals, and convention centers – to create or improve mobile apps that engage visitors on their mobile devices.
Venues can leverage Meridian to deliver location relevant information such as mapping, turn-by-turn directions, venue-specific information, and proximity-based notifications to mobile-app users during their visits.


Cloud-based Content Management

The Aruba Meridian App Platform cloud-based Meridian Editor is software-as-a-service content management system that allows venues to build and manage all of their Meridian components through a simple and intuitive web interface.

The Meridian Editor is highly visual with an intuitive user interface. There’s no need to allocate technical resources to create and manage mobile app content and no need to employ a professional user-interface/user-experience designer to create visual layouts and app flows.

Meridian Software Development Kits

The Aruba Meridian App Platform SDKs allow Meridian features to be integrated into existing mobile apps. This is ideal for venues that have already invested in a mobile app but would like to insert Meridian-powered mapping, wayfinding, and/or proximity-based push notification features into it.

Location context enhances the mapping and wayfinding experience by showing a glowing blue dot that indicates a mobile app user’s location on a map. It also lets them search for directions from their current location without entering a starting point.

App Analytics for Smarter Venue Operations

The Aruba Meridian App Platform delivers a reporting feature that lets venues see how mobile app users interact within their apps. With this information, venues can make better-informed operational decisions about the type of content that guests prefer and respond to.

Basic app analytics around page views, visits, app usage, and activity based on a customized range of dates.

Visibility into popular search queries, wayfinding routes, and commonly accessed sections of the app.

Mapping and Self-Guided Wayfinding

The Aruba Meridian App Platform offers a simple and elegant way to incorporate a venue’s custom maps into a mobile app along with directions to points of interest.

Meridian mapping and self-guided wayfinding give mobile app users a simple way to search for points of interest and access turn-by-turn directions to them – whether they are inside or outside.

The Meridian platform also uses location-context to enable venues to engage visitors with a push-notification message based on where they are on a property, in a way that respects their privacy and preferences.