Is your IT department trying to stay ahead of the competition? Do you need to accelerate IT service delivery? The HPE OneView delivers a simpler and more efficient IT infrastructure with automated workflows. HPE OneView has a built-in infrastructure automation engine designed with software intelligence. It streamlines provisioning and lifecycle management across compute, storage and fabric enabling IT staffs to control resources programmatically through a unified API. It includes templates so domain experts are able to model important settings in software such as RAID configuration, BIOS settings, firmware baseline, network uplinks and downlinks, and SAN storage volumes and zoning. With HPE OneView, infrastructure can be configured, monitored, updated and repurposed with a single line of code, allowing IT teams to more effectively meet changing application needs.

What's new

  • New security features including SNMPv3 and Two Factor Authentication reduce risk giving you better visibility and control of your vital infrastructure information.
  • Auto discovery of server resources based on IP range for automatic addition of multiple HPE ProLiant DL Servers, HPE ProLiant ML Servers and HPE Apollo Systems.
  • Scope-based Access Control restricts a role (such as Server, Storage, or Network Administrator) to operate only on a subset of resources for enhanced security.
  • A growing list of ISV partners including Morpheus and QStack are taking advantage of the unified API in HPE OneView to automate solutions for customers.


Deploy Infrastructure Faster with Software Defined Intelligence

HPE OneView includes templates so domain experts are able to model important settings in software such as RAID configuration, BIOS settings, firmware baseline, network uplinks and downlinks, and SAN storage volumes and zoning.

HPE OneView orchestrates firmware updates across servers enclosures and interconnect modules while reducing application downtime.

HPE OneView delivers a new level of storage automation that makes businesses more responsive and efficient. HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage is fully integrated with HPE OneView server profiles, which saves time by automating a policy-driven rollout of enterprise class storage resources.

HPE OneView connects with HPE Cloud Services Automation 10 (CSA) to facilitate provisioning of cloud services that contain physical and virtualized components. Via HPE OneView integration, CSA allows you to provision multi-node virtualization clusters using Server Profile Templates.

Simplify Lifecycle Operations with Proactive Insight and Frictionless Updates

HPE OneView delivers proactive insights into the health of your entire infrastructure. An intuitive dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of the status of your servers, storage pools and enclosures. Color-coded icons clearly show which systems are functioning properly and which ones need attention.

Software defined templates make it easy to update firmware baselines. By changing the baseline in the server profile template, managed systems self-identify themselves as requiring updates. Those systems may then be updated individually or as a group.

HPE Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) simplifies monitoring and remote control. Agentless monitoring validates that any system hardware failures are rapidly reported to HPE OneView. Remote control allows rapid access to system power and remote console whether the server is running or offline.

Integrated remote support automatically logs hardware failures with Hewlett Packard Enterprise support to speed problem resolution and accelerate parts or service technician dispatch.

The HPE OneView Global Dashboard makes it easy to manage thousands of HPE BladeSystem c-Class, HPE ProLiant DL Servers, HPE Hyper Converged 380, HPE Synergy and HPE Apollo portfolios through an integrated view.

Increase Productivity with a Unified API and Growing Partner Ecosystem

Integrated with the unified API, HPE OneView supports both traditional environments and the IT environment needed for best practices. It extends the power of the Composable Infrastructure (CI) to virtualization, facilities management, automation, cloud, and application development.

The state change message bus and REST APIs enable a closed-loop automation process. By making it easy to learn about and make changes to managed devices, infrastructure, virtualization, and line of business administrators can exert control over resources without detailed knowledge of each device.

ISV partners are also taking advantage of the unified API to automate solutions. These partners range from large software suites like VMware® vCenter®, Microsoft® System Center, and HPE Software to solution providers like Chef, Docker, Ansible, Arista, Eaton, nLyte, Schneider Electric and others.

Accelerate Time to Value with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services and Support

HPE OneView 24 x 7 support provides the expertise required to address problems with product configuration or operations as well as conduct defect analysis and resolution.

Installation and start-up as well as migration services simplify installation and configuration of HPE OneView for a limited number of systems to deliver an improved experience from day one.

  • Microsoft® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. VMware® is a registered trademark of VMware, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions vCenter™ is a trademark of VMware, Inc. in the United States and/or other jurisdictions.