Does your enterprise need to seamlessly integrate operational technology (OT) devices and a broad ecosystem of applications or implement IIoT successfully? The HPE Edgeline OT Link Software can increase efficiency and innovation by automating the interplay between diverse operational technologies (OT) and standard IT based applications to enable intelligent and autonomous decision making. Based on an open platform, this software can speed the deployment and simplify the management of applications, enabling your enterprise to act on the vast amounts of data generated by machines, assets and sensors from edge to cloud. The HPE Edgeline OT Link Software provides flexibility by supporting multiple types of modules which are configurable and support various modes of operation. This software has drivers that speak the language (protocol) of hundreds of physical industrial devices, allowing data to be seamlessly acquired from these devices and control commands securely sent to the devices.

What's new

  • Built-in data acquisition from industrial devices and legacy systems
  • Drag and drop creation of data and process flows
  • Application marketplace for downloading containerized apps with support for standard containerized applications
  • Built-in connectors to popular IoT and enterprise systems such as Microsoft® Azure IoT, AWS and SAP
  • HPE Edgeline Workload Orchestrator features centralized deployment and management of containerized applications and flows
  • Manages multiple distributed HPE Edgeline systems with the HPE Edgeline OT Link Software


Fast: Rapid Converged OT and IT Deployment with One-Touch Provisioning

The HPE Edgeline OT Link Software can connect and collect data from numerous industrial systems with simple and flexible data ingestion and normalization.

Features built-in drivers for OT Link Certified modules (CANbus, Serial, TSN, GPIO etc.).

Connect over multiple interfaces and protocols (Modbus®, Profinet, OPC UA etc.).

Simple configuration interface with drag-and-drop application logic creation for complex event processing and no coding required.

Standardized JSON or IPSO-JSON data outputs and extensible functions using JS and Python for cloud and enterprise system connectivity.

Simple: Orchestrate Both OT and IT Applications in Just a Few Clicks

HPE Edgeline OT Link Software can run containerized applications based on Linux® LXC and Docker.

Edge analytics are supported on industrial data for real-time insights.

Workload Orchestrator is a marketplace for centralized control.

Features native integration to popular cloud and enterprise systems.

Secure: OT Systems at the Edge Under the Protection of Enterprise Class Security and Reliability

HPE OT Link Software at the edge is under the protection of proven integrated enterprise class security and reliability.

Provides remote connections to edge data.

Sends and receives data to extend edge system capabilities.

  • Microsoft is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Modbus is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric USA, Inc.