Are you struggling to manage your Edge devices in a way that you are accustomed to in a data center environment? The HPE Edgeline Infrastructure Manager Software (EIM) makes it simple to deploy and manage HPE Edgeline systems in any location. It allows administrators to aggregate the management of their Edgeline systems under a single application over wired and wireless interface (WiFi, LTE and such). The HPE Edgeline Infrastructure Manager easily conveys both routine and critical metrics in an easy-to-read graphical interface. It supports discovery, provisioning, and updating at scale to manage firmware, option settings, and networking parameters. Designed with standards-based API, HPE Edgeline Infrastructure Manager Software is an industry-leading Edgeline tool that is ideal for administrators who need to closely manage their servers and Edge systems both inside and outside the data center environment.


Remote Management

HPE Edgeline Infrastructure Management Software allows network administrators to remotely manage HPE Edgeline systems so they can save time and improve efficiency by securely acquiring system metrics when hardware is deployed off-site.

HPE Edgeline Infrastructure Manager supports both wired and wireless connectivity. Depending upon the specific HPE Edgeline system available as WiFi or LTE connection, it can be utilized to remotely connect and manage the device, thereby allowing more flexibility for the administrator.

HPE Edgeline Infrastructure Manager allows administrator to remotely manage all iSM enabled and select HPE iLO enabled platforms under a single tool.

Easy of Use

HPE Edgeline Infrastructure Management Software supports one-click firmware and software updates at scale. This feature allows the administrator to quickly manage and update software across connected devices on the network.

Quickly access your network status with a dashboard view that provides an overview of server status, alerts and any critical issues. The dashboard view allows the administrators to quickly gauge the general health of the network and identify any concerns quickly.

HPE Edgeline Infrastructure Manager is an easy-to-use web-based GUI with an intuitive interface. It is designed to run on a web browser with easy-to-navigate icons, user interface, and quick access tabs.

Fast Setup of Device Discovery and Configuration

The software deploys network equipment by automatically discovering and configuring new devices.

Efficient management frees up-time for the network administrator to focus on more critical issues.