What is Object Storage?

Object storage is a type of data storage that involves storing data as objects with associated metadata and unique identifiers.

Object storage definition

Ideal for data that must be accessed, but not edited, object storage refers to a form of data storage wherein files are stored as objects with associated metadata and unique identifiers that enable them to be accessed on a network. Common types of data stored as blocks include songs, photos, and video clips.

Why object storage?

Object storage is currently the best solution for storing mass amounts of data. It is virtually endlessly scalable, and, in a world where the rate of data being generated is increasing exponentially, this is good news for storing certain types of data. However, it is also important to remember that the data cannot be edited without the entire object being rewritten. Data that is often stored as objects includes songs, images, and video clips.

HPE object storage products and services

Drive value to your organization with the right infrastructure for unstructured data. HPE file and object storage solutions span your needs, from affordable NAS to durable petabyte-scale storage.

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