What is Converged Infrastructure?

A converged infrastructure combines compute, networking, storage and IT administration into a preconfigured package that operates as a single system.

Converged infrastructure definition

Converged infrastructure is a hardware defined solution designed to overcome the limitations and inefficiencies of the independent silo structure of traditional IT storage and compute. To minimize compatibility issues and simplify management, converged solutions join compute, networking, storage, systems administration and software together in a preconfigured package that operates and is managed as a single converged system that delivers faster time-to-value.

Why converged infrastructure?

Converged infrastructure lets organizations use their compute resources in more efficient and cost-effective ways, lower their IT management costs and increase the speed of software and service deployment. Many see converged infrastructure as the first step in the evolution toward a service/software-defined infrastructure. It offers:

  • Simpler management infrastructure – Centralizes server management, network and storage to streamline day-to-day maintenance
  • Scalable storage capacity – The common fabrics and protocols built into converged infrastructure make adding gigabytes much simpler and faster 
  • Faster provisioning – Reduces a three-week provisioning time to under an hour
  • Faster IT response – Provides the agility to respond to marketplace changes and business priorities
  • Easier path to cloud – Makes it easier to implement private or hybrid clouds
  • Greater control – Enables simultaneous management of multiple functions and devices

HPE converged infrastructure solutions

HPE converged infrastructure solutions tie virtualization, automation and unified infrastructure management software together into pre-built, tested and workload-optimized systems. These systems are software-defined for easy integration into existing infrastructure and quick transition to hybrid cloud delivery models.  With HPE converged infrastructure solutions, you can deploy pre-validated, factory-tested configurations in weeks instead of months, and set up IT services in minutes, not hours.


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