Enable the Cloud

HPE Pointnext—bolstered by Cloud Technology Partners (CTP) consulting, design, and operational advisory services for cloud environments—has unparalleled ability to help you create a comprehensive IT strategy that successfully achieves the outcomes you seek.

Move to the Cloud

Our expert service partners and consultants help determine which applications are optimal for public and private clouds, and execute the migrations.

Innovate in Cloud

Build new and disruptive solutions using technologies such as IoT, big data, and machine learning, a proven development approach, and pre-built software frameworks.

Run the Cloud

Achieve continuous governance, risk, and regulatory compliance while also monitoring and optimizing cloud spend by using next generation managed services.

Our cloud technology services portfolio

Accelerate cloud adoption with the best services, software, and intellectual property on the market. Our cloud strategy, adoption program, digital innovation solutions, and managed services will help you achieve business results faster, no matter where you are in your cloud transformation.

Featured case study
Virgin Money logo

Virgin Money turns banking upside down

Virgin wanted to create a faster, more responsive, customer-centric bank of the future. Its new digital banking service delivers on-demand, targeted services based on real-time insights. Virgin plans 200,000 customer sign-ups in the first year, and one million by 2024.


To create the Virgin Money Digital Bank (VMDB), Virgin Money needed to prove that the cloud could handle the large volumes of data necessary to enable their services.


Working with VMDB, Cloud Technology Partners built a fully automated deployment of a Minimum Viable Cloud (MVC) on AWS, addressing core infrastructure, security, operations, and automation components.

“Working with Cloud Technology Partners (CTP), we were able to produce an enterprise-class cloud development platform in less than four months.”

Jem Walters, Director of Digital Enablement, Virgin Money


The foundational services in the MVC addressed key concerns common to all applications for highly regulated enterprise clients, including security, compliance, availability, manageability, transparency, and scalability.