What is Mobile First?

Mobile first means focusing on mobile users when developing a new web design or application. This represents a paradigm shift away from the current practice of designing for desktop first.

Mobile first definition

Mobile first refers to the practice of designing a web experience for mobile users, then adjusting the design for desktop, rather than the reverse.

Why mobile first?

Mobile usage has exploded in recent years, leaving the traditional method of designing for desktop, then adjusting for mobile, outdated. This is particularly true for web sites and applications that most users access from mobile devices, either as a first touch or most of the time.

Mobile first design acknowledges that mobile usage is skyrocketing while desktop usage is on the decline, that a growing percentage of computer users are mobile-only, and that many users will only ever see the mobile version of a given web site. It also reimagines the concept of "graceful degradation," in which the desktop version of a web site becomes a lesser, but still coherent, version for mobile platforms as "progressive enhancement," in which the core experience is expanded upon to suit larger platforms. Thinking this way tends to ensure that key functionality doesn't depend on the most expansive platform, but rather is native to the mobile experience.

HPE mobile first products and services

HPE simplifies your mobility modernisation with an end-to-end portfolio of mobility software, infrastructure and unified communications. We provide products, integration specialists and services – including market-leading offerings from Aruba, an HPE company.

Mobility services and workplace

Mobility services and workplace

Build a roadmap, including management of change, for your organisation to harness the efficiency, effectiveness and engagement from a mobile first digital workplace.

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Aruba Airwave

Aruba Airwave

Easy-to-use network operations system that manages wired and wireless infrastructure from Aruba and a wide range of third-party manufacturers.

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Aruba Meridian services

Aruba Meridian services

Offers a modular array of consulting and professional services that leverage HPE’s mobile engagement expertise to help you take best advantage of Aruba Meridian.

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