Looking for the cost efficiency of deduplicating backup storage in a software defined form factor? HPE StoreOnce VSA delivers this for VMware, Hyper-V, and Microsoft Azure environments. The space saving, high backup performance and deduplication-optimized replication of HPE StoreOnce is delivered in a virtual appliance form factor. HPE StoreOnce VSA has a perpetual license that includes 3 years of HPE Pointnext support and entitlement to software updates. Choose the starting capacity you need, there are licenses to enable 4, 10, 20, 32 or 50 TB usable capacity. Capacity upgrade licenses are available to increase capacity as needed. The new Cloud Bank Storage feature will allow users to increase their VSA capacity by up to 100 TB through integration with cloud storage. Licenses are inclusive of all StoreOnce features.

What's new

  • Cloud Bank Storage will integrate HPE StoreOnce Catalyst with external cloud storage, for the lowest cost, long-term backup data retention.
  • Cloud Bank Storage immediately cloud enables your current backup applications and processes, so you can benefit from a hybrid data protection infrastructure.
  • Data immutability for HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, to provide for additional protection against malicious or unintended backup data deletion.
  • Both the trial-ware and freeware can be non-disruptively upgraded to a 4, 10, 20, 32 or 50 TB StoreOnce VSA with the addition of a license.
  • There is a 90 day trial-ware StoreOnce VSA to get started or for evaluation. For extended evaluation or non-critical production deployment there is a 1 TB freeware version.


Software Defined Storage for Flexible Provisioning of Deduplicating backup Data Storage

Software-defined storage that eliminates the need for dedicated hardware. Reduce the cost of your secondary storage, rack-space and power.

Deduplication optimized backup data replication to another HPE StoreOnce VSA (local or in Azure) or HPE StoreOnce Systems to efficiently get backup data to an offsite location.

Pay as you grow, the HPE StoreOnce VSA license allows up you to scale up capacity from 4 TB to 50 TB without disruption as capacity is added.

Outstanding value, HPE StoreOnce VSA licenses include HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, Security Pack and Replication capabilities.

Extend Off-site Protection with Deployment on Microsoft Azure Public Cloud

Simply go to Azure Marketplace and deploy HPE StoreOnce VSA. Within minutes, you can go from having no disaster recovery solution to a fully operational DR backup stored in the cloud and accessible anytime you need it.

Use HPE StoreOnce VSA in Azure as a backup target for Catalyst backups and as a replication target for your backups stored on HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, NAS and VTL backup targets.

Restore from HPE VSA in Azure to a virtual machines hosted on Microsoft Azure or back to cloud to on-premises machines.

HPE StoreOnce VSA in Azure is has the same management tools, update processes and license scheme as a locally hosted HPE StoreOnce VSA.

Seamless Integration of Virtual and Physical Environments – All Managed from a Single Console

HPE StoreOnce VSA enables HPE StoreOnce to leverage the flexibility and availability of virtual environments.

Same proven graphical interface (GUI) used to manage the HPE StoreOnce Systems in physical and virtual environments, providing a consistent experience for enterprise-wide deployments.

Flexible to use, HPE StoreOnce VSA can be configured in Ethernet environments with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst, VTL, CIFS or NFS backup targets and Fibre Channel with HPE StoreOnce Catalyst and VTL backup targets.

Support New Styles of IT Data Protection

HPE StoreOnce VSA can deliver a flexible backup target for service providers and organizations with an ITaaS (IT as a service) infrastructure.

Service providers can rapidly stand-up the HPE StoreOnce VSA and retire it again when the backup capacity is no longer needed to regain the resources.

In multi-tenant environments, one HPE StoreOnce VSA per tenant provides security of backup data between tenants.