Are you concerned about storing and managing file data at scale? The HPE Complete Qumulo Solution combines the HPE Apollo 4200 Server with Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) software to form a modern, highly scalable file storage solution that runs in the data center and is fully inter-operable with the public cloud. More economical than legacy storage with leading performance, the solution provides real-time analytics to let administrators easily manage data no matter how large the footprint or where it’s located globally. Continuous replication allows data to move where it’s needed, when it’s needed. For example, between on-premises clusters and clusters running in public cloud. HPE, together with Qumulo, effectively addresses your growing unstructured data needs. Scale and manage billions of files with instant control at lower cost and high performance, on-premises, off-premises, or spanning both, now and into the future.


Seamlessly Scale to Billions of Files with Flash-First Design

HPE Complete Qumulo Solution scales to billions of files with QF2’s advanced file-system technology that handles small files as efficiently as large ones. Available today on density-optimized HPE Apollo 4200 Servers, there is no practical limit to scale.

A flash-first hybrid software and hardware architecture optimizes cost and performance. You can simultaneously get the speed benefits of SSD and the economic advantages of hard disk drives.

User files can occupy 100% of provisioned capacity, not just 70% or 80%. QF2 on HPE Apollo 4200 Servers are more economical than legacy storage appliances on a capacity basis.

Sophisticated data protection techniques enable the fastest re-protect times in the industry. Rebuild times for 10 TB nearline HDDs are measured in hours, regardless of cluster size and without degrading performance. Snapshots can be taken instantly, or scheduled, with no limit to the number.

Control at Scale with up to the Minute Analytics

HPE Complete Qumulo Solution's up-to-the-minute analytics allow administrators to pinpoint issues and effectively control how storage is used. Via a web GUI, they instantly see usage, activity and throughput at any level of the unified directory structure, regardless of number of files.

Directory-based capacity quotas give administrators instant control over storage allocation. Capacity quotas can be applied to any directory, even nested ones. Moving a directory with a quota is easy.

HPE Active Health System (component of the HPE iLO) is an industry-first technology that provides continuous, proactive health monitoring of over 1600 system parameters and 100% of configuration changes are logged.

Cloud-based monitoring proactively detects potential problems, such as disk failures, and you can access historical trend data about how your system is being used.

HPE Secure Encryption is a controller-based data-at-rest encryption solution on HPE Apollo 4200 Server with QF2 that can help comply with data privacy requirements and meet compliance regulations.

New Experience Defined by Customer Success Rather than Support

HPE Complete Qumulo Solutions customer success program delivers responsive, personal customer care, with one of the highest Net Promoter Scores (NPS) in the industry.

Included as part of Qumulo Core subscription, the customer success program offers a direct path to true subject matter experts (Customer Success Manager/CSM), dedicated Slack channel for instant access to CSMs, and cloud monitoring across entire fleet (on-premises and cloud).

Simple subscription pricing covers everything, all features, updates and software support. And a hardware-transferable licensing model eliminates the need to purchase new licenses with each platform refresh, and you can purchase additional licenses only as-you-grow.

Qumulo uses modern development practices with frequent, easy to consume releases that steadily advance the product and keep it on the leading edge of what’s possible.

Out-of-the-box simplicity means that from the moment HPE Apollo 4200 Server with QF2 is unboxed to when it can start serving data is a matter of hours, not days. Together with HPE, the industry leading server vendor, you can expect an enterprise quality product and service.

Your Data Where You Want it, on Premise or Public Cloud

HPE Complete Qumulo Solution allows you to store your data anywhere and get multiple GB/s of performance for your workloads both on and off premises. You get scalable performance regardless of number of files or file sizes.

Continuous replication moves the data when and where it’s needed. It operates across storage clusters, whether on premises or in the cloud. Once a replication relationship between a source cluster and a target cluster is established, QF2 automatically keeps data consistent.

Use the QF2 REST API to build and manage a modern application stack. It’s the future of infrastructure, available today.