How can I protect and manage my data in an enterprise environment? The HPE Complete Commvault Software is an industry leading data protection and data management solution tightly integrated and enhanced for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Storage, including HPE StoreOnce, HPE 3PAR, HPE Apollo, and HPE ProLiant. It delivers a proven solution that lets you manage the protection of your data assets, regardless of where the data is located. HPE Complete Commvault Software provides a data management platform to move, manage and use data across on-premises and cloud locations. You can fully manage data across files, applications, databases, hypervisors, and clouds. The HPE Complete Commvault Software enables users to manage policies, data protection, and compliance in a single comprehensive data management platform that gives you control, flexibility, and automation to streamline IT efforts and utilize data as a business asset.

What's new

  • Expanding Hewlett Packard Enterprise data protection and recovery offerings for the enterprise.


Enterprise Data Protection

The HPE Complete Commvault Software provides industry leading data management and protection regardless of where the data resides.

This Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Commvault partnership provides the storage capacity and software capabilities enterprises need. This fully integrated offering combined with HPE 3PAR, HPE StoreOnce, HPE Apollo, and HPE ProLiant delivers enterprise security and controls.

Implement a consistent, centrally managed data management strategy that controls protection schedules, manages copies, standardizes policies and automates data workflows from a single location.

The combination of Commvault snapshot management software and Hewlett Packard Enterprise primary storage allows users to take real-time snapshots to limit data redundancy and improve efficiency to reduce costs.

This scalable solution is tested and certified with HPE Apollo and HPE ProLiant product lines to allow customers to start small and expand their environment to tens of petabytes.

Data Management for Automation, Orchestration, Security, and Native Cloud Integration

The HPE Complete Commvault Software defines process flows once and applies them consistently across data projects.

Enforces policy controls across different data types, by encrypting data before moving it to secure data when moving data to, from, or between clouds.

Simplifies the movement of data to the cloud with native integration for workloads, backup, and archive.

Complete Healthcare Data Management

HPE Complete Commvault Software defends against increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats with snapshot backup management, separate production and backup data, and seamless management of clinical data.

Allows data from different departments using disparate sets of clinical data easily accessible and actionable.

Supports the data analysis needed to deliver more effective, personalized patient care.

Delivers Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data Protection, Healthcare Data Migration, and Clinical Archiving.

Federal and NIST Laboratory Compliant

HPE Complete Commvault Software delivers unique value by being tested in the NIST Compliant Lab to meet the governmental compliance standards with advanced searching and indexing features to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Has distinct security features that meet the strict rules imposed by federal guidelines.