Storage Device Management Software

Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager Software provides path failover, failback, and automatic load balancing. Together these features provide higher data availability and accessibility for VMware, Windows, Linux, and Sun Solaris environments. If one path fails, the path failover feature in HDLM Software automatically switches the I/O to an alternate path, and your data remains available for access. HDLM Software also helps maintain outstanding system performance by balancing workloads across available paths. HDLM supports HPE P9500 Disk Array, HPE XP Disk Arrays and the equivalent Hitachi storage systems. It enables easy management of paths through a browser based connection to the server. With its path failover capability, HDLM switches to an alternate path if a failure occurs on the active path, allowing processing to continue without interruption. HDLM can be operated remotely by linking with HPE P9000 Command View Advanced Edition.

What's new

  • Support for VMware environments


Guard Against Path Failures and Achieve High Level of Data Availability

Path failover reduces the risk of financial loss due to the failure of a critical application. Automatic failover and failback provide a high level of data availability. Applications can even stay online while a path is taken offline for maintenance.

System performance is improved by spreading the storage I/O workload across available paths.

Simplify and Automate Path Management with GUI and CLI

At administrator-specified intervals the software will monitor the status of data paths and will take a path offline automatically if needed.

A graphical user interface and a command-line interface are included, simplifying path management.