Rack Console Switches

Need a KVM console and switch that is reliable and provides the protection you need? HPE G2 KVM Serial Console Server and Adapters supports cloud computing, Big Data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices and is specifically designed for the server room, remote and branch office, or network closets to monitor and store data. Businesses are highly demanding on their KVM to be integrated into the IT network as the need for computing increases while delivering business continuity. HPE G2 KVM Serial Console Server and Adapters are designed to meet these needs and exceed expectations with industry-leading features that provide enterprise-level security management of both remote and local devices fast and seamlessly.

What's new

  • Auto-senses pin-out configuration for seamless connections.
  • Smart card and common access card (CAC) authentication for another layer of security for two-factor authentication requirements.
  • Streamlined management allowing servers to access storage media delivering the virtual media option with local port access.
  • Space saving with thin cabling (CAT-5) design and intelligent cabling with server interface modules and integrated access to automatically assign and retain unique server names.


Streamlines Access to Computing Environment to Keep It Up and Running

The HPE G2 KVM Serial Console Server and Adapters allows control of server configurations and server selections with the advance, graphical on-screen display (OSD) for ease of management.

Supports both remote and local management for both in-band and out-of-band access with your virtual media option.

Protect and Manage Your IT Devices Seamlessly

The HPE G2 KVM Serial Console Server and Adapters deliver enterprise-level security with local access to your devices with smart cards providing two-factor authorization for an extra layer of security.

Grants access to specified users or implements Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) for directory authentication.

Improve Efficiency of Your Computing Environment From a Single Console

The HPE G2 KVM Serial Console Server and Adapters provides flexibility with 16- and 48-port models with shared support up to four remote users.

Scales to meet your IT demands by adding servers and users as demand increases or decreases with KVM switch tiering with up to 256 servers through a single switch.

Supports your IT environment for a wide range of server connections with multiple interface options.

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