The Big Switch Networks Big Cloud Fabric Series is an application that uses hyperscale concepts of scalability, openness and agility to deliver intent-based networking based on SDN controls. By using HPE Altoline open networking switches and 3rd party software, customers may realize up to 50% TCO over legacy networks.

Big Switch Networks Big Cloud Fabric Series delivers zero-touch operations, network automation and deep visibility for data center fabrics and cloud-native applications. Supports physical and virtual workloads and choice of orchestration tools. It provides Layer 2 (L2) switching, L3 routing, and L4-7 service insertion and chaining. The scalable fabric is fully resilient with no single point of failure and supports headless mode operations.

What's new

  • Hyperscale like scalability and reliability for enterprise and tier 2/3 service providers.
  • Simplified network deployment and management with single logical big switch.
  • Visibility into networking data flows across the entire fabic.
  • L2 switching, L3 routing and L4-7 service insersion and chaining.
  • Zero touch provitioning across the entire fabric for increased agility.


Brings Web-scale Networking Concepts to Your Data Centers

The Big Switch Networks Big Cloud Fabric Series delivers deployment flexibility for scaleout networks by utilizing open networking hardware and software that meet your business needs.

Enables agility with automation and rapid deployment with zero-touch provisioning that speeds up your time to service and enhances availability.

Adds intelligence to the network with single logical view and fabric-wide telemetry that enhances operating efficiency and simplifies management and operations.

Simplified Fabric-wide Management and Operations

The Big Switch Networks Big Cloud Fabric Series utilizes HPE Altoline open networking for reliable and easy to deploy scalable fabrics for cloud, Big Data, virtualized and traditional data centers.

Added agility of network automation with VMware vSphere and OpenStack integration, REST APIs for optional NetOps/DevOps automation.

Inceased innovation velocity for faster time to service enablement with rapid hitless software upgrade that allows rapid consumption of new features.

Better network flows visibility and troubleshooting with built-in analytics and historical replay, leaf--spine--leaf fabric tracing for rapid troubleshooting, end-point visibility at the virtual machine (VM) level.