SDN Infrastructure

Create a programmable network and align with business needs by deploying an agile, SDN-enabled infrastructure built on open standards.

SDN Infrastructure

Run Both Worlds with Hybrid SDN

Take advantage of both traditional and SDN apps by achieving the ideal balance within your infrastructure. SDN solutions from Hewlett Packard Enterprise offer gradual migration so you can move to SDN at your own pace – without a total rip and replace of your network. Welcome to better infrastructure control, greater customisation and operational efficiencies.

OpenFlow Infrastructure

OpenFlow facilitates access and communication between application, control and infrastructure layers of SDN. Now, you can simplify management and programming of network devices. Enable dynamic change in your traffic flow and create a network more responsive to business needs, from edge to core. The result is end-to-end SDN architectures ready to apply business logic and unified management to network behaviour.

VXLAN Support

HPE SDN infrastructure technology is based on open standards including Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) so you can create a logical network for your virtual machines across different networks. Design your SDN infrastructure with VXLAN for greater flexibility in managing multi-tenant workloads at scale. With no barriers to massive cloud deployments, you can move to a software-defined data centre with confidence.

Converged SDN Portfolio

OpenFlow Switches

Minimise network latency while maximising speed, scalability and virtualisation with modular, next-generation switches for SDN.

OpenFlow Switches

HPE FlexFabric 5930 32QSFP+ Switch

High performance, VXLAN-optimised, data centre switch with up to 2.56Tbps capacity for the most demanding applications.

HPE FlexFabric 5930 32QSFP+ Switch


White Paper : Software-defined Networking and Network Virtualisation

White Paper

Learn how to combine hardware and software network resources and functions into a single virtual network.

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Watch how network administrators use SDN to run networks more efficiently.

Case Study : Deltion College leverages HPE SDN Lync Optimiser Application

Case Study

Find out about Deltion College's deployment of the HPE SDN Lync Optimiser application.