HPE Cray XD2000

The next-generation of purpose-built supercomputing technology from HPE.


HPE’s supercomputing portfolio is evolving

HPE has unleashed a new era of high-performance computing bringing the power of supercomputing to more organizations at their scale.

A new era of supercomputing

A new era of supercomputing technology

Compute-intensive applications are quickly exceeding the capacity of traditional infrastructure. As operating environments are pushed beyond their limits, enterprises are strategizing how to gain more performance and efficiencies from limited IT resources, calling for a breed of compute that can support new modeling, simulation, analytics, and AI workflows. These requirements are driving the need for exceptional agility, reliability, and security to fuel progress and innovation. For enterprises organizations looking to evolve and lead, the solution is clear: supercomputing technologies that are accessible at their scale.

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Purpose-built, next-gen supercomputing solution

The HPE Cray XD2000 is a next-generation, purpose-built HPC-optimized complete solution, from chassis to rack scale. As part of the evolution of HPE's supercomputing portfolio, it now integrates HPE Slingshot and the HPE Cray Programming Environment.

Based on the HPE Cray EX supercomputing technology and design, the HPE Cray XD2000 is built to be more flexible and enable diverse workloads on a broader scale. It has more choices than ever before to meet your organization's needs..

  • Choice of fabrics: HPE Cray Slingshot, NNVIDIA InfiniBand, other standard Ethernet options
  • Choice of operating systems: Cray OS, RHEL, SLES, Windows, VMware, Ubuntu
  • Choice of system management: HPE High Performance Cluster Manager, Bright Cluster Manager
  • Choice of cooling: Air cooling, hybrid cooling with ARCS/RDHX, direct liquid cooling (DLC)
  • Choice of MPI: HPE Cray MPI, Open MPI, Mellanox HPC-X
  • Choice of PCIe cards: Up to 4 LP PCIe cards or 2 LP PCIe cards/2 double-width FHFL PCIe GPUs
  • Choice of power supplies: 2, 3, or 4 power supplies to fit different power requirements
  • Choice of PDUs: 15 metered, switchable, or higher amperage PDUs
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Maximum performance

Maximum performance and lower TCO

The HPE Cray XD2000 is powered by your choice of either AMD EPYC™ 9004 Series CPUs and AMD Instinct™ accelerators or 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to provide best-in-class performance for compute-intensive and AI workloads.

Our density-optimized systems offer a complete, scalable solution with power and cooling options that delivers maximum performance at a lower TCO. The HPE Cray XD2000 gives organizations the choice of an air-cooled solution or plug-and-play direct liquid cooling (DLC). Air cooling capabilities utilize 100% heat-to-air transfer, while DLC uses facility water to transfer a majority of produced heat to liquid. DLC provides a fully rack-contained and integrated water-cooled IT system, which comes pre-filled and ready to run. Each rack is self-contained and integrated in our liquid-cooled factory, and racks can be filled as you go at a linear cost.

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Comprehensive systems management

Comprehensive system management and advanced security features

The HPE Cray XD2000 offers advanced security features designed to protect system firmware and help control remote access using the latest high-security network protocols. Security is built into the hardware layer using the hardware root of trust and chain of trust with automated firmware recovery, which prevents systems from booting with compromised firmware and restores the last previous working state.

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