What is OneView?

HPE OneView is an integrated IT management solution that transforms compute, storage, and networking into software-defined infrastructure to automate tasks and accelerate business. Built with a template-based approach, HPE OneView allows you to deploy infrastructure faster, simplify IT operations, and increase productivity.

History of OneView

HPE OneView was launched in 2014 and has sold over 1 million licenses since its release.

Key OneView innovations

HPE OneView automates the delivery and operation of IT services—transforming everyday management of HPE server, storage, and network resources in physical and virtual environments. HPE OneView is the power behind HPE’s industry-changing composable infrastructure, HPE Synergy. Key features of HPE OneView include:

  • Modern unified interface with Map View, Smart Search, Activity View, Dashboard, Monitoring/Inventory/Reporting.
  • Unified API access with broad partner ecosystem such as Chef, Docker, Microsoft, Puppet, VMWare.
  •  Software-defined infrastructure (profiles, groups, sets)
  • Storage provisioning and SAN zoning
  • Virtual Connect advanced management
  • Firmware management
  • 3D Power management
  • Operating System provisioning
  • Remote management

OneView’s current version

HPE OneView 4.1
The latest version of OneView, 4.1 supports new levels of security and improves life cycle management operations for firmware and driver updates.

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Analist Teknik İncelemesi : HPE OneView'un iş değeri

Analist Teknik İncelemesi | PDF | 156 KB

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E-kitap : Yeni Başlayanlar İçin HPE OneView

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HPE OneView altyapı yönetim yazılımının özelliklerine ayrıntılı göz atmak için bu detaylı kılavuzu okuyun.

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