Mobility and IoT Solutions

Solutions that deliver great user experience, collect and analyze data for greater insights, and drive new capabilities at the Intelligent Edge.

Mobility and IoT in the digital age

Build efficient, quality synergies among humans, machines, software, and environments to achieve the business outcomes needed to thrive in the digital age. Our broad portfolio of mobility and IoT solutions will help you succeed today and in the future.

Realize the promises of mobility and IoT solutions now

Simplify mobility with an end-to-end portfolio of mobility software, infrastructure, and unified communications. We provide products, services, and integration specialists—including market-leading offerings from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company.

Connecting customer experiences, the workplace, and the unconnected

Unleash innovation with IoT. Mobile IOT helps drive efficiencies, engage customers, and develop new business with greater insights at the Intelligent Edge.

Modern customer experiences

Deliver personalized offers and product information with location-based services. Enhance customer experiences with apps for specific tasks, and industries.

Making business smarter

Develop smart workplaces  by bridging the physical and digital with actionable intelligence to boost employee productivity and efficiency

Connecting the unconnected

Computing at the intelligent edge reduces delay and bandwidth consumption while uncovering ways to drive efficiencies, engage customers, and develop business.

Secure collaboration

Quickly scale up deployment and delivery of a productive workplace and ensure secure collaboration and productivity across campuses and remote offices.

Mobile first digital workplace

Deliver a modern, all-wireless, digital, mobile-first workplace with unfettered mobility and enterprise-class security to organizations of any size. 

Digital collaboration in the workplace

Quickly increase productivity and empower users with anywhere, anytime collaboration from any device while ensuring compliance and security.

Mobile IT offerings

IOT solutions

Edge computing that delivers secure control and accelerates time to insight from the Industrial Internet of Things.

Location based services

Bridge the digital/physical gap with location analytics, wayfinding, and proximity campaigns. Engage employees and customers in new ways.

Network security

Protect your digital workplace and gain visibility and control to proactively respond to gestating attacks to ensure the security of your business.

An IoT sleeping giant

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is an unheralded player in the IoT market, quietly delivering substantial solutions to major IoT customers. See why industry analysts are talking about HPE as a sleeping giant in the IoT space.

How we lead in enterprise mobility and workplace solutions

Videoyu Oynat

Profit from digital insight from the Intelligent Edge

Unlock efficiencies and unleash innovation with IoT. The rapid expansion of devices presents a unique opportunity to gain faster insights by connecting the unconnected. Mobile IOT presents new ways to drive efficiencies, engage customers, and develop new business with greater insights at the Intelligent Edge.

Bridge the physical and digital with smart workspaces

Resolve common workplace challenges for meetings, ad hoc collaboration, desk hoteling, visitor experience, and facilities management with a digital workplace.

Enhance your IoT experience

Mobile enterprise services

Mobile enterprise services

Single-point-of contact data center support.

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Mobility and workplace services

Mobility and workplace services

Open the gates to superior user experiences with anytime, anywhere, any-device mobility.

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IoT Services

IoT Services

Five levels of service for HPE servers, storage and networking products, plus third-party software.

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Our customers enhance business through mobility and IoT

UK-based hospital enables seamless mobile healthcare services

Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust implemented a comprehensive wireless network to allow staff, patients and vistors to use their own devices, with the security and control to manage these connections.

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Ryder Cup puts data at the heart of golf

The iconic golf competition will for the first time provide a truly connected course, with wireless connectivity for over 51,000 users, to improve fan experience and support its live scoring system and player performance tracking.

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Mary Kay builds a successful platform in China

World-leading cosmetics company supports its beauty consultants in China with anytime, anywhere mobile access to enterprise systems.

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Rio airport doubles capacity

RIOgaleão airport upgraded its infrastructure to accommodate a doubling of passenger traffic during the 2016 Olympics, and engage the passengers in memorable ways.

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