Transformation funding

One-size-fits-all funding models aren’t cut out for IT transformation. Rethink the way you acquire, pay for and use IT.

Funding IT Transformation: How Companies Can Get Past Legacy Lock-in and Stop Playing Catch-Up

You have the power to choose how you fund your technology. Read a new Harvard Business Review report to gain real world examples of how you can leverage the new choices available to create financial capacity and fund your IT transformation:

Harvard Business Review Analytic Services Report, sponsored by HPE

HPE Financial Services helps DS Virgin Racing drive innovation

DS Virgin Racing was able to drive innovation with IT investment solutions from HPE Financial Services. See how we helped the Formula E team accelerate change and advance their IT to stay ahead of the competition with solutions that helped free up cash flow.

The New World of IT Consumption

It’s time to rethink how you plan for, acquire and consume technology. The good news is that you have options, with new IT consumption models. The ability to integrate responsive IT consumption models into your IT investment strategy could help anticipate and respond to business change on a continuous basis.

Adding value for Channel Partners

We want to be an essential element of your go-to-market plan. The value and expertise that we bring can help accelerate your business and enhance your value to customers.

Accelerate innovation

Whether you’re looking to avoid delays, reduce the risk of overprovisioning, lower upfront costs or simplify your procurement process ? the right IT consumption model can make your technology and business goals a reality.

Our pledge to you

We get it—your business is, well, busy. You have enough surprises popping up as it is, without a vendor to add to your woes. You need someone who really will do what they say they will and make your life easier.

1 HPE Financial Services, Internal Research Study, December 2015

Financing and service offerings available through Hewlett-Packard Financial Services Company and its subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively HPFSC) in certain countries and is subject to credit approval and execution of standard HPFSC documentation. Rates and terms are based on customer’s credit rating, offering types, services and/or equipment type and options. Not all customers may qualify. Not all services or offers are available in all countries. Other restrictions may apply. HPFSC reserves the right to change or cancel this program at any time without notice.