Wide Area Network

Avoid the bottlenecks on your distributed network and have powerfully reliable app performance.

From Connectivity-first to Application-first Networking

Legacy networks often struggle to deliver basic connectivity. However, more effective WAN networking solutions can achieve lower latency in app traffic, delivering better user experiences. The latest WAN virtualization architectures from Hewlett Packard Enterprise can help you design and deliver the seamless, powerful application performance your users demand.

Beyond the Basics

Services like user authorization for Facebook, or analytics for Flurry, require external Internet app access, while limiting secured customer data to internal networks. Hewlett Packard Enterprise simplifies the WAN with scalable, automated management layers that enable mass-scale apps to perform critical functions without compromise.

SD-WAN Virtualization

A Software-Defined WAN dynamically selects the best path for each app based on policies and real-time network measurements. Flexibly and securely connect users to apps with higher visibility into vital traffic—all through one of the most cost-efficient connections available today.

Dynamic VPN

DVPN scales to over 3000 sites on a single HPE 6600 router, and scales easily for large, multi-domain networks. DVPN delivers zero-touch deployment and reduces manual configuration by up to 93%.

Virtualized Routing

From ease of deployment to dynamic allocation, HPE Virtualized Services Routers deliver the kind of agility your business demands. Whether you need a VPN gateway, firewall security, or traffic management, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has a virtual wide area network solution ready to deploy on demand.

Partnership for Seamless Integration

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VMware Partnership Brings New Open Possibilities

Forged on the strength of a successful 14-year partnership, VMware and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have earned their position as market leaders in end-to-end virtualization solutions. Open platforms like vSphere provide industry-proven virtualization software that integrates third party apps on HPE MSR routers.


Teknik İnceleme : Accelerate network service orchestration

Teknik İnceleme

HPE Intelligent Management Center (IMC) is a flexible management solution to improve network availability and reliability.

Çözüm Özeti : Branch Wi-Fi in an instant: Discover Aruba Instant

Çözüm Özeti

Aruba Instant delivers the only controllerless Wi-Fi solution that is easy to set-up, and loaded with security and smarts.

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An illustrated point of view from HP on challenges facing CSPs and the choices they have in front of them.

SSS : What is WAN?


A network can be considered to be a wide area network if computers or LANs are connected over a distance of half a mile or more. WANs have traditionally been run over leased, private lines, but can now be fully or partially cloud-based.