Why Hybrid IT?

Find the right mix of platforms for your apps and data, across traditional IT, private, and public cloud.

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Hybrid IT is designed to accelerate your business, not work against it. It leverages the best of traditional IT, private cloud, and public cloud to enable the right mix to meet the needs of your business.

Digital transformation to a hybrid IT infrastructure starts with looking at your workloads to find out what works and what can be improved. HPE helps you solve from there. Our expertise spans IT management, operations, and financing.

Hybrid IT Transformation Stories

Meet leading companies that have found their right mix with help from HPE.

Dropbox HPE Case Study

How Dropbox moved 550M customers to private cloud

Facing high costs and limited flexibility from its public cloud provider, the file hosting service migrated to a high-performance, on-prem private cloud.

New tech for a century-old food brand

How Del Monte built a modern infrastructure in just eight months.

Hybrid cloud is good business for a New Zealand utility

Trustpower freed up resources through digital transformation, allowing it to offer new services and reduce costs.

Eliminating legacy IT risk at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

Israel’s only stock exchange can’t afford downtime. With help from HPE, the exchange moved its mission-critical applications from mainframes to a modern infrastructure.

Say Yes with Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions

Most vendors offer piecemeal IT solutions. Only HPE delivers all the infrastructure services, software and systems that your applications demand.

Hybrid Cloud

Benefit from the security of on-premises infrastructure, while enjoying the efficiency and economics of the public cloud.

Composable Infrastructure

Deliver instant results with the speed and flexibility of cloud, all within your data centre.

Flexible Capacity

Get the best of both worlds. HPE Flexible Capacity blends on-prem security and performance with cloud agility and economics, so you can scale up to support changing business needs.

Meet the Future of IT Services

Meet the Future of IT Services
HPE Pointnext is a new breed of IT services organisation, designed to drive digital transformation across the enterprise. Our experts build on your existing infrastructure, reducing costs and minimising risk so you can say "Yes" to big opportunities.


Solution Brief : IDG Tech Dossier SlideShare

DevOps Team Manages Hybrid IT Infrastructure
Solution Brief

Rise of Mobile, Social Media, Cloud Native Apps, Big Data, and the Internet of Things Will Drive Innovations that Redefine Business Models, Increase Worker Productivity, and Foster Richer Interactions with Customers

Analyst Report : How the Right Infrastructure Can Prepare your Data Centre for Business Disruptors

HPE Data Centre Solutions are Built for Hybrid IT
Analyst Report

How the Right Infrastructure Can Prepare Your Data Centre for Business Disruptors

White Paper : HPE Composable Infrastructure: Bridging Traditional IT with the Idea Economy

Transform to Hybrid IT with Composable Infrastructure
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HPE Composable Infrastructure Bridging traditional IT with the Idea Economy

Analyst Report : HPE Cloud is at the Centre of Deutsche Bank’s Digital Transformation

HPE Helps Deutsche Bank Complete IT Transformation
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HPE cloud is at the centre of Deutsche Bank’s digital transformation

Solution Brief : Drive Business Agility and Performance: Application Migration to Cloud

Migrate Apps to the Cloud with Hybrid Infrastructure
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Drive business agility and performance: application migration to cloud

Video : Meg's View on Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure

Meg Whitman Discusses Benefits of Hybrid IT Solutions

Meg's view on Transforming to a Hybrid Infrastructure