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Digital technology enables public sector entities to better serve the citizen, but it also causes citizens to continually expect more services. To keep up, you must transform how you deliver services to staff and citizens. We are here to help.

Europe’s future lies in data

Turning siloed digitisation into wholistically connected systems drives innovation based on real needs. HPE empowers digital transformation in the public sector through open technologies and local partnerships—resulting in economic growth, higher quality of life, and a more sustainable future for all.

For competitive economies

Building a secure framework that supports data-powered innovation and new business models allows EU nations to attract talent and grow their GDP.

For the well-being of citizens

Streamlined application development and data insights leads to innovative, citizen-centric services, more predictable IT costs and lower capital expenditures.

For a sustainable future

Improving data capabilities, while reducing carbon emissions and maximising the lifecycle of technology, empowers the public sector to build a more inclusive and sustainable future for citizens.

The world of tomorrow, today

HPE is committed to futureproofing and transforming the way that organisations operate, to make room for advancement and to increase the access to innovation that will positively impact society.

HPE talks public sector and digital transformation

Leading the way in creating more sustainable economies and inclusive societies with decentralised data

Advancement in technology and a renewed interest in sustainable transformation, means there’s no better time to invest in transformation. Decentralising data and moving away from traditional models allows for greater data sovereignty and protection, and grants greater access to development across the globe. When this is done correctly, we can advance wealth and social progress like never before, promoting equal opportunities for everyone.

You can get an assessment to find out where you are on your digital transformation journey. Understanding the current stage of your data value maturity will help you take a more structured approach to digital transformation.

Data economies will bring progress to our financial systems and societies, but how do we prepare for change?

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The HPE Manifesto

Explore what drives us in our commitment towards the advancement of society through accessible technology. Dive into the HPE Manifesto and gain invaluable insight into the impact of digital transformation in making these goals a reality.

Read the full HPE Manifesto

Learn how we support various sectors

Central governments

HPE offers strategic advisory and implementation services to help central governments use data and plan resources more effectively enabling service design based on real needs.

Local governments and cities

HPE supports local governments and cities through open technologies and local partnerships, helping to transform siloed digital services into wholistically connected centers.


HPE partners with public healthcare providers to transform their data capabilities and drive innovations that advance research, improve efficiency and positively impact patients.

Public security

Access to data enables the police, firefighters, border control and other public security groups to operate more efficiently and meet the needs of the citizens they serve.


Data-powered innovation empowers intelligence agencies, military forces, and government and private defence organisations to plan resources more effectively, support critical decision-making and optimise operations.

Higher Education and R&D

HPE enables true digital transformation in Higher Education and R&D by making AI, high-performance computing and paperless technologies more accessible. The result? Greater collaboration and true sustainability with reduced carbon emissions.

HPE GreenLake brings the cloud experience to the Public Sector

Get the cloud experience wherever your apps and data live. Centralise your operations and drive innovation with HPE GreenLake.

IT Gov Academy

Join the online events done together with our technology alliance partners, organized by Computerworld and CIO and learn more how to deal with key public sector challenges.

Data Sovereignty

Data is one of the most valuable assets in the modern world. How can public sector entities manage data to maximize its value?


Sustainability is one of the most important topics of today. decisive action is needed in all industries and at all levels.

Modernization of IT infrastructure

How to modernize infrastructure in the public sector?

Success in action
Netherlands Cancer Institute

Accelerating life-saving research at a Dutch cancer institute

HPE's highly flexible, high-performance IT infrastructure vastly improved efficiency for clinicians and research projects at the Netherlands Cancer Institute-Antoni van Leeuwenhoek (NKI-AVL).


Build an IT infrastructure that both protects the privacy of clinical patients’ medical and personal information and allows researchers to share data. 


NKI built a software-defined data center on an HPE infrastructure, virtualized with VMware® to create segregated and easily managed computer environments.

"The high performance we can achieve on the HPE cluster means researchers can process jobs faster and reach their goals sooner."

Mark Platte, IT Architect, Netherlands Cancer Institute


  • Reduced research batch jobs from 1 hour to 10 minutes
  • Delivered up to 2,000 virtual desktops, freeing clinicians up to focus on patient care
  • Provided a versatile platform for exploring new research hypotheses
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