Industrial Internet of Things

Collect and analyse data from connected assets, locations, and people to deliver actionable insights at the industrial edge.

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Bring compute power closer to where your industrial assets and machines generate data to reduce latency, shorten decision times and eliminate the expense and risk of sending data to a data centre. HPE will help make your industrial edge devices intelligent to make the most of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

What is IIoT?

Like the Internet of Things (IoT), the Industrial Internet of Things consists of devices and infrastructure that communicate with the Internet. But IIoT refers specifically to smart sensor technology in automated production and logistics processes. IIoT allows you to capture and analyse industrial machine data in real time for actionable insights. IIoT applications have the potential to change how society functions on a broad scale. 

Which industries are most affected by IIoT?

Manufacturing, energy production and transportation are a few industries embracing the promise of the IIoT. Remote monitoring and control of heavy equipment; sensor-managed supply chains and logistics; and big-data enabled diagnostics are a few examples of IIoT use cases achieving success today. HPE and its technology partners combine an extensible network and flexible Hybrid IT with the power of edge computing to deliver transformative IIoT solutions.

How will IIoT affect business outcomes?

More automation, predictability and precision will reduce unexpected downtime, increase efficiency and decrease the need for human inputs, generally leading to faster and better results with less wasted resources. Discover how organisations can tag assets and use an Aruba network to easily locate devices, assets and things when they need them.

Industrial IoT solutions

Create new insights on your operations floor with solutions to help you transform to an IIoT-enabled, future-ready organisation.

IIoT is changing the world

Smart manufacturing with smart IIoT technology

HIROTEC’s new infrastructure eliminates data processing latency and provides analysis in real time to help it efficiently manage its factory machinery.

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Kaeser cuts downtime by 60%

Kaeser Kompressoren delivers real-time analytics that predict and prevent outages before they occur, gaining a competitive advantage by enhancing customer care and satisfaction.

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Faster time to insight with HPE Edgeline

Faster time to insight with HPE Edgeline
Achieve faster insights from device data with an IIoT deployment that reduces latency with edge computing.
Predictive maintenance: machine condition monitoring meets the IoT

Reduce unplanned downtime by using data to monitor and optimise machine performance and predict when maintenance will be needed. By connecting equipment, organisations can capture massive volumes of data from sensors and other connected devices, so they can not only cut unplanned downtime and its associated costs, but also create new operational efficiencies, exploit new opportunities in supply chain optimisation, and accelerate their overall digital transformation strategies. Take a closer look at the opportunities, challenges and real-world examples of integrating the IoT into machine condition monitoring.

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Speak with an IIoT expert about your current challenges and future goals, and we’ll help you implement an IIoT system that captures the data and insights your business needs.

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