Getting Started with Remote Support

Reduce unplanned downtime with automated, remote monitoring of servers, storage and networking technologies.

Connect your products to HPE

Unlock all the benefits of your technology investment with 24x7 monitoring by HPE. Achieve up to 77% reduction in down time, near 100% diagnostic accuracy and a single consolidated view of your environment. Receive pre-failure alerts and automatic call logging and parts dispatch. HPE Proactive Care service and HPE Datacenter Care customers will also benefit from proactive reports. These benefits are already available to you at no additional cost with HPE Warranty or Contractual Service Agreement.

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Let your equipment “phone home” for free

When you deploy HPE OneView with integrated remote support, your servers, storage and networking equipment can dial home to HPE and initiate a service call by themselves without anyone on your team doing a thing. The tool automatically opens a ticket, orders needed parts, logs the whole process, and then closes the ticket. Your equipment can also send diagnostic data that allows for your service issue to be resolved quicker. These benefits are available to you at no additional cost with HPE Warranty or Contractual Hardware Service Agreement.

Download remote services software

HPE Insight Remote Support 7.x enables remote support to improve the availability of supported servers, storage, networking and printers.


Less productive time lost1


Lower MTTR for unplanned downtime2


Fewer instances of unplanned downtime3
HPE Support Automation

Improving infrastructure reliability

Russia’s MegaFon relies on automated support from HPE for its massive infrastructure. Working with remote, proactive monitoring, they have reduced time to issue resolution and increased system performance.

Automated remote support

With remote support, HPE monitors your IT environment and provides proactive alerts and troubleshooting support for a wide variety of devices and virtually all Hewlett Packard Enterprise products. Learn about your connection options and how to configure your options. Customise your environment to maximise the reliability of your HPE technology and enable the best possible support services.

Get started now

You can set up support automation on your own. Our “Getting Started with HPE Remote Support Guide” explains how.


Analyst White Paper : IDC: The business value of connected support from HPE

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Analyst White Paper

This IDC white paper describes the challenges facing IT organisations as they transition to the 3rd Platform, with a focus on support services for the enterprise. It highlights the important role of support services in improving IT operations while maximising system performance.

Solution Brief : Connected support from Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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Solution Brief

Unlock all the benefits of your technology investment by connecting your products to Hewlett Packard Enterprise

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1, 2, 3. “Before and After” impact of HPE Remote Monitoring, Source: IDC White Paper, “The Business value of Connected Support from HPE.”