Would you like to increase your network’s I/O performance while simplifying the connection between HPE Synergy Compute modules and complex storage environments? Designed for the HPE Synergy Composable Fabric, HPE Synergy 5830C 32Gb Fibre Channel (FC) Host Bus Adapter (HBA) connects Synergy Compute resource pools to SANs over 32 Gb native FC fabrics. This provides high-performance due to low latency connectivity to the HPE Synergy Virtual Connect FC modules and Brocade® FC Switch modules. The HPE Synergy 5830C supports advanced virtualization, security, dual-port isolation, dynamic power management and low CPU utilization features. Provisioning and updating HPC Synergy 5830C are easy, reliable and fast using HPE Synergy software-defined, template-driven, frictionless operation. The HPE Synergy Composer automatically coordinates proper firmware and driver including staging updates to execute and avoid workload disruption.


High Performance

The HPE Synergy 5830C 32Gb FC HBA provides low latency and flexible connectivity to HPE Synergy Virtual Connect FC modules and Brocade® FC Switch modules.

Support for CS_CTL and VM-ID provide end to end quality of service in virtualized server environments, enabling SAN administrators more visibility to storage traffic associated with specific VM workloads, and improving their ability to meet SLA agreements.

Move Faster

Providing twice the bandwidth of 16 Gb FC HBAs, the HPE Synergy 5830C 32Gb HBA can reduce the time it takes to complete bandwidth-intensive applications like backup and restore operations.

It provides close to 1.2 million IOPs reducing latency in storage dependent applications and virtualized environments.

It delivers higher, more consistent performance with full port isolation and independent processor, memory and drivers for each port.

Work Efficiently

The HPE Synergy 5830C 32Gb FC HBA helps minimize CPU utilization for storage I/O and is ideal for environments with greater virtual machine density and bandwidth requirements.

It reduces hardware needed to connect servers to the network compared to using 16 Gb Fibre Channel adapters.

It provisions and updates all adapters quickly and consistently using the HPE Synergy template-driven server profiles.

It orchestrates reliable adapter firmware updates with an entire HPE Synergy infrastructure from a single tool, HPE Synergy Composer.

  • Brocade ® is a registered trademark of Brocade Communications LLC.