Apollo 2000 Gen10 Systems

Get twice the performance density of competing 1U solutions – at a similar price – and harness the power of high-performance computing.

HPE Apollo 2000 System HPE Apollo 2000 System

More compute power in less space

Enterprise bridge to HPC scale-out architecture – in a smaller footprint that increases data centre floor space while improving performance and energy consumption. A flexible, density-optimised system, HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 System is ideal for large cloud, web services, traditional enterprise workloads, and compute intensive tasks that require high performance in a dense, scale-out form factor.

Your Data Centre Just Got Dense

The HPE Apollo 2000 gives you the space and cost savings of a density-optimised solution – in a traditional rack mount form factor. You gain power, flexibility, efficiency and scalability without disruption to your environment.

Data centre optimisation

The HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 System delivers 2x density in 1U servers. Pack four 1U servers in a 2U chassis. It also offers comprehensive manageability using tools like HPE iLO5 management, HPE Apollo Platform Manager, and HPE Insight CMU.

Seamless Integration

  • Uses the same racks and cabling as typical enterprise rack-server data centres, so no need to change anything
  • System can be managed using existing hardware and software tools such as iLO4, and the same service procedures and practices, for an easier learning curve

Easy Transition Path

  • Enterprise bridge to an efficient, space-saving, scale-out architecture for traditional data centres
  • Lets you move up to a shared infrastructure solution for greater density and performance, within a data centre with rear cabling and front hot pluggable hard drives


Configuration flexibility for traditional racks

The HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 System offers greater density within a data centre that has traditional rear cabling and front-pluggable hard drives. It boosts high performance computing (HPC) performance with accelerators, low-latency interconnects, and fast HPC clustering. And, it’s cost-effective in any configuration.

HPE Apollo XL170r Gen10 Server

Get HPC with Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, large memory, optional accelerators, and high-speed, low latency HPC cluster and I/O interconnects.

HPE Apollo XL190r Gen10 Server

Accelerate application performance with up to two GPU cards per HPE XL190r Gen10 Server. The HPE Apollo 2000 Gen10 System delivers increased storage flexibility with options that support 12 SFF, or 6 LFF HDD/SSD or 8 NVMe SSD.

HPE Apollo r2000 Chassis Models

The HPE Apollo 2000 features three chassis models that can be custom-configured and let you mix and match 1U and 2U servers for workload optimisation. You get modular building blocks for the specific storage implementations you want.

HPE Apollo In Action

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Apollo 2000 Gen10 System

Learn how you can deliver twice the density of traditional rack mount systems and firmware-level security with a flexible scale-out HPC architecture.

HPE ANSYS solution for CAE

HPE Apollo 2000 Systems, together with ANSYS, help enterprises innovate and stay competitive with less costly and more reliable product development.

HPE Apollo Next Generation Sequencing Solution

HPE Apollo 2000 Systems deliver reliable and predictable throughput processing of genome sample volumes while providing a scalable solution to meet ever growing and varying workloads.

Technology that sets HPE Apollo Apart

We offer complete solutions, starting with Intel processors and purpose-built platforms, then layering innovative software, management tools and fabric.

HPC-specific software solutions

HPE works with leading industry partners to provide software that maximises application performance, optimises resources, and improves operational productivity. HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU) is an integrated, easy-to-use solution for provisioning, management, and monitoring of Apollo systems. HPE Performance Software – Message Passing Interface helps accelerate HPC applications.

A complete portfolio of management components

HPE rack- and system-level management solutions help you get the most out of your infrastructure – and your budget – and improve efficiency without affecting performance.  They provide extensive monitoring, cluster administration, lifecycle management, power control and measurement, pooled power and system management.

High-performance fabric interconnects

All HPE Apollo Systems support the latest high-bandwidth, low-latency interconnect technologies. They include InfiniBand and Intel Omni-path, which provide the performance and scalability required by HPC clusters that scale to tens of thousands of servers and highly complex data centre application workloads.

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