Storage Device Management Software

HPE StoreFabric Data Center Network Manager software (DCNM) is the recommended management system for C-series Unified Fabric. It helps customers provision, monitor, and troubleshoot data center network infrastructure. It provides visibility and control of the unified data center, enabling service providers and IT departments to optimize for the quality of service (QoS) required to meet service-level agreements (SLAs) for internal and external customers. It also increases overall data center infrastructure up-time and reliability, thus improving business continuity. Focused on supporting efficient operations and management of virtual machine-aware (VM-aware) fabrics, DCNM provides a robust framework and comprehensive feature set that meets the routing, switching, and storage administration needs of present and future virtualized data centers.


Event Management

The HPE StoreFabric Data Center Network Manager Software provides a real-time network health summary with detailed views of individual network components, enabling operations staff to respond quickly to events based on their severity.

Ability to acknowledge working on the alert and when resolved delete it to free up IT administrative staff.

Forward syslog alerts based on monitored facility.

Performance and Capacity

The HPE StoreFabric Data Center Network Manager Software provides detailed visibility into real-time and historical performance statistics in the data center to help you fine-tune network performance.

Provides insight into port and bandwidth utilization, error count, traffic statistics, etc. so you can plan system upgrades or additional equipment.

Includes scheduled custom reports that can be offloaded for post processing and analysis.

Web Templates

The HPE StoreFabric Data Center Network Manager Software supports pre-built templates for provisioning LAN and SAN components.

Pre-built template deployment scheduler and rollback mechanism.

Customizable templates with conditional statements.

Create new templates using template editor.

Import configuration script and turn it into template.

Capacity Manager

The HPE StoreFabric Data Center Network Manager Software tracks port utilization by port tier and predicts when an individual tier pool will be consumed.

Chart view of port consumption based on custom groupings.