Storage Device Management Software

Do you need to assure quality of service for mission critical applications?

HPE 3PAR Priority Optimization Software enables service levels for applications and workloads as business requirements dictate. Provision storage performance as you provision storage capacity. Create SLAs to protect mission critical applications in enterprise environments by assigning a minimum goal for I/O per second, bandwidth and latency. Performance for that specific tenant or application is assured. Or assign performance caps on workloads with lower service level requirements. Enable predictability for all applications and tenants.

Configure service level objectives on a Virtual Volume Set or between different Virtual Domains. A Virtual Volume Set may contain a single volume or multiple volumes. A Virtual Volume may also belong to multiple Virtual Volume Sets allowing users to create hierarchical rules. All host I/O on the VVset is monitored and measured against the Service Level objective.

What's new

  • New quality of service controls for minimum I/O per second, bandwidth and latency for a specific tenant or application
  • Configure quality of service controls for a virtual domain in addition to an application or tenant


Assure Quality of Service for Your Most Mission Critical Applications; Protect from Poor Performance

HPE 3PAR Priority Optimization Software allows you to create and modify minimum performance goals and threshold limits including I/O per second, bandwidth, and latency to meet business needs.

Configure quality of service with mission critical apps as "high" and others as "medium" or "low" priority.

Set thresholds by volume set with real time enforcement measured in seconds or sub-seconds.

Setup is simple with autonomic service level objective configuration for a virtual volume set.

Ensure Predictable Service Level in a Multi-tenant Environment

Control and balance the distribution of the powerful HPE 3PAR StoreServ disk bandwidth across multiple production and test and development workloads on a single system.

Avoid resource contention in the storage system by throttling the I/O of one or more workloads to assure performance of others.

Manage end user application performance expectations with even only one workload present, preventing support calls with additional workloads come online.

Available across HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7000, 7450 and 10000 family.