Are you looking for a suite of tools, development platforms, and components to help your team produce better code? The Rogue Wave TotalView Software development tool simplifies all aspects of the high performance computing (HPC) development lifecycle and reduces overall release times. The solution addresses the growing complexity of building great software and accelerates the value gained from code across the enterprise. It assists developers to quickly build applications for strategic software initiatives. With Rogue Wave TotalView Software, customers improve software quality and code integrity, while shortening development cycle times.


TotalView for HPC

Rogue Wave TotalView Software delivers a scalable debugger for parallel applications written in C, C++, and Fortran that simplifies the development, debugging, and optimization of applications.

Debugs many processes and threads in a single window, while giving developers complete control over program execution. It allows running, stepping, and halting line-by-line within a single thread or within groups of processes or threads.

ReplayEngine, included with the Rogue Wave TotalView Software, records and saves execution making it possible to work back from a failure, error, or crash to find the origin without repetitive restarts and stops.

Find race conditions, memory leaks, and memory overruns, allowing troubleshooting of difficult problems that can occur in concurrent programs which take advantage of threads, OpenMP, MPI, GPUs, or coprocessors.