Could your business stay alive and profitable with lengthy interruptions to your IT?

Protect your business from downtime in the event of a fault, failure or disaster with HPE Serviceguard Metrocluster. This Serviceguard solution can be implemented and put to optimal use with a variety of HPE storage solutions that best fit your data center needs, and has features that can help reduce your planned day to day downtime by migrating workloads during maintenance.

What's new

  • Speed up deployment of your Metrocluster 3PAR Disaster Recovery Solution through Serviceguard Manager with new Easy Deployment.
  • Protect your clusters with Metrocluster 3PAR storage even after making changes to your workloads.
  • 4 times the workload recovery capabilities during failover for Metrocluster 3PAR.


Recover Your Mission-Critical Workload In The Event Of A Disaster And Routine Maintenance

HPE Serviceguard Metrocluster will automatically failover to any data center in your Serviceguard cluster within 300km with host independent array replication.

Choose the failover that makes sense for you, Metrocluster supports both synchronous and asynchronous data replication modes.

Verify the currency and the integrity of your data while remaining confident that your business operations are not compromised.

Reduce time spent managing and monitoring your servers, and downtime during maintenance and upgrades while prioritizing your important workflows with automatic workload control and static load balancing utilizing failover capabilities to move your workloads.

Provide compatibility with remote copy for HPE 3PAR storage systems, Continuous Access EVA, Continuous Access XP and EMC SRDF

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