Need a cost effective 4 port 1GbE adapter for your HPE BladeSystem? The HPE Ethernet 1Gb 4-port 366M Adapter is a PCIe 2.1 quad-port 1Gb Ethernet mezzanine network adapter for select HPE ProLiant BladeSystem c-Class Gen8 servers. Based on the bridgeless Intel I350 controller, it is the follow-on adapter to the HPE NC364m. The total aggregate throughput of 4 Gb/s meets the needs of customers wanting high bandwidth but not yet ready to move to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Support for VMware NetQueue, Microsoft VMQ, and Intel VMDq meets the performance demands of consolidated virtual workloads. Other features supported on the HPE 366M include RSS, PXE, checksum offload, VLAN, jumbo frames, iSCSI acceleration and iSCSI remote boot.


Quad-port 1GbE Mezzanine Adapter for HPE BladeSystem Gen8 Servers with excellent Network Port Density

Bridgeless quad-port design with PCIe 2.1 support offers greater throughput for I/O intensive applications like virtualization, firewall and other security options, network segmentation, and other bandwidth hungry applications.

Total aggregate throughput of 8 Gb/s full duplex meets the needs for customers who need high bandwidth but are not yet ready to move to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Intel Integrated I/O with Data Direct I/O reduces system power, increases I/O performance, and reduces latency, while DMA Coalescing enables the adapter to remain in a low power state for a long time.

Virtualization is optimized by support for VMware NetQueue, Microsoft VMQ, Intel VMDq, and VLAN support with eight queues per port and port partitioning.

Advanced features like PXE boot, jumbo frames, VLAN support, and RSS increase network performance.

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