Aruba AirWave Management Platform is a scalable, full featured management solution for multi-vendor wired and wireless networks. Organizations gain the visibility, control and troubleshooting tools required to fully manage today’s distributed enterprise environments. AirWave integrates configuration and deployment and real-time visibility and control for comprehensive management and troubleshooting. This provides a flexible platform for maintaining the reliability and performance of Aruba access points, controllers, switches, and selected multi-vendor devices.

What's new

  • Unified wired and wireless network management
  • Simplified deployment models
  • Broad visibility and control
  • Proactive troubleshooting
  • Physical and virtual appliances
  • Enhanced security and app visibility


Streamlined Configuration and Deployment

The Aruba AirWave Management Platform utilizes configuration groups, assigned templates, and step by step workflows to simplify device configuration. Entire config files can be imported, compared, assigned and archived.

Modifying and using smaller segments of configuration files across groups of devices is also supported.

These capabilities allow IT to quickly add, modify and deploy devices across distributed locations, while saving time and minimizing mistakes.

Aruba’s Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) can be used to automatically push configuration files to devices to further simplify the deployment process.

Integrated auditing is also provided for security and change management.

Real-time Visibility and Control

The Aruba AirWave Management Platform provides detailed health and analytics dashboards to monitor critical applications and services.

View client usage, monitoring and configuration compliance, alert summaries and other selected statistics pertaining to network health.

Traffic analysis features helps you monitor application usage and policy enforcement across the entire network. Tracks web categories, client destinations and relative trust levels. Details are displayed by network, roles, device type and users.

See a consolidated view of how VoIP applications are performing displays MOS scores, and potential RF performance and capacity issues.

Comprehensive Management and Troubleshooting

The Aruba AirWave Management Platform utilizes a role-based model for administrative access. Multiple combinations of access and management rights can be assigned as needed.

AirWave allows IT to protect the environment and provides the ability to tailor administrative access based on assigned scope and responsibilities.

AirWave also discovers and maps devices across the entire environment, including those with distributed locations. The topology map shows upstream relationships between APs, controllers and switches in order to assess the impact on related devices and clients, and to isolate root cause of issues.

AirWave monitors the connectivity of clients, to proactively help identity and resolve issues.

Real-time views of actual floorplan maps make it easy to see RF coverage issues, location of all access points, and possible interference points. The result is a comprehensive view of how the network is performing, and potential trouble spots.

Flexible Platform Options

The Aruba AirWave Management Platform is available on pre-configured hardware appliances or in virtual machine (VM) versions.