Virtual Ethernet Software

The HPE Virtualized Services Assurance Platform (VSAP) addresses the need for visibility and correlation between the networking requirements of virtual applications and workloads (the “overlay”) and the physical connectivity provided by the IP network infrastructure (“the underlay”). The IP infrastructure route and path analytics generated simplify the management of SDN overlay services. Providing proactive and real-time visualization, troubleshooting and analysis of underlay IP control plane protocol changes and their impact on SDN overlay service paths. Now network operators can limit the number of problem escalations while accelerating resolutions to service affecting problems. The HPE Virtualized Services Assurance Platform is tightly integrated with HPE Distributed Cloud Networking (DCN). As a result, SDN-based overlay services can be provided to facilitate network path based on the latest analytics information derived from the underlying IP network infrastructure.

What's new

  • Correlates and manages SDN based overlay services and IP underlay networks to deliver proactive service assurance.
  • Delivers real-time analytics that simplify SDN service management.
  • Detects abnormal IP underlay infrastructure control plane behavior.
  • Real-time graphical visualization of overlay and underlay networks.
  • Ability to support multi-vendor underlay networking infrastructure.


Overlay and Underlay Network Correlation

The HPE Virtualized Services Assurance Platform delivers visibility in the SDN (overlay) and multi-vendor IP (underlay) network domains to improve root-cause and impact analysis.

When underlay failures affect a virtual machine (VM), the administrator can track the issue and diagnose the problem to the specific area of the IP fabric for analysis and diagnosis.

For intermittent network connectivity, the HPE Virtualized Services Assurance Platform maintains a historical record of state changes in both the IP and SDN domains to provide audit capabilities to isolate the root cause.

Fault Diagnosis and Correlation

The HPE Virtualized Services Assurance Platform performs analysis of the underlay IP fabric faults matched to SDN overlay paths and IP hosts to provide advanced correlation and root-cause analysis of any service-affecting network outages.

Path visualization for connectivity between physical and virtual network endpoints provide end-to-end network visibility for both virtualized and non-virtualized (bare metal) endpoints.

IP Fabric Topology View

The HPE Virtualized Services Assurance Platform delivers a graphical view of IP fabric with network baseline functionality to provide historic snapshots of interior Gateway protocol (IGP) topology and physical network equipment with color-coded link status highlighting changes.

The topology map is based on the running network configuration discovered via routing peers and logical links.

Monitoring of real-time state information of the IP fabric IGP (BGP, OSPF and IS-IS) via silent peering to provide running topology visibility to the network operations team.

Proactive Assurance

The HPE Virtualized Services Assurance Platform provides statistics collection and monitoring of the health of both virtual and physical network elements.

Threshold Cross Alarms (TCAs) proactively notify administration of any abnormal events.

Visual representation of the virtual components in use, including Virtual Tunnel End-Points (VTEPs), the HPE DCN Virtual Routing Switch provides agents for Hewlett Packard Enterprise hardware VTEPs