Rethink sustainability as a catalyst with HPE as your partner

Businesses that connect digital transformation efforts with sustainability are 2.5 times more likely to be among tomorrow’s strongest-performing businesses.

HPE sees sustainability as a catalyst for the business – a force for good and for game-changing optimization through reduced carbon footprints and smarter economics realized in the circular economy. As a company committed to being a net-zero enterprise by 2040, with science-based targets along the way, HPE helps businesses advance sustainability agendas with a holistic approach to carbon footprints across the IT estate, edge to cloud.  Through HPE GreenLake, we help customers with expertise and design for sustainable transformation, solutions for operational efficiency and visibility that optimize every workload with less energy and smaller footprints – and maximize value across the asset lifecycle, engaging in the circular economy.

Sustainability transformation edge to cloud

Transform sustainably with HPE experts who use a holistic approach across the IT estate, from multi-gen IT to hybrid, multi-cloud, and edges. Our advisory services and edge-to-cloud adoption framework help identify optimal workload placement, offset skills shortages, and maximize impact. 

Optimize for efficiency and visibility

Reduce your carbon footprint and increase utilization by optimizing the placement of apps and data. Bring the cloud to your data centers, colocations, and edges with HPE GreenLake, providing visibility and elasticity to meet demand without overprovisioning. Customers can realize up to 30% energy cost savings over five years with HPE GreenLake.

Maximize the value of your asset lifecycle

Maximize the value of IT assets across their lifecycle, freeing up trapped value to fund transformation. Enable reuse of assets as part of the circular economy while tracking impact with material, energy, carbon, and landfill savings achieved.

Jumpstart your sustainable IT strategy

Designing and implementing a sustainable IT strategy is a critical step for any organization seeking to accelerate digital transformation. These whitepapers and interactive workbooks will guide you through the six key steps of your journey:

HPE sustainability pathways

Through HPE GreenLake, we meet customers wherever they are on their sustainability journey, with pathways to:

Sustainable transformation

Advisory services, design expertise, and proven methods to speed organizations’ sustainability journeys.

Operational efficiency and visibility

Innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint while optimizing utilization.

Full asset lifecycle management

Use assets longer, consolidate resources, upcycle assets—and free up trapped value to self-fund transformation.

Featured case study

Sustainability in action

NovoServe B.V. rapidly grows their business – without compromising sustainability. With like-minded suppliers NovoServe provisions modern technology in seconds, not days.


Globally expand an innovative IaaS business model without compromising sustainable business practices and efficiency research.

Sustainable IT Solution

A new provisioning model and custom server pre-configurations.

NovoServe reduced their power use, operating expenses, and capital expenditures, while increasing server provisioning speed by almost 100%.


• 20–30% less power used, addressing sustainability

• 99.98% faster server provisioning potential

• 4–6% increase in profit due to reduced CAPEX and OPEX

Tools and resources

Tap into our tools and resources to help jump start your journey to a more sustainable future.

More about HPE’s sustainability approach